2.1 de03 samsung moment

Well, folks, it’s official. Sort of. Android 2.1 for the Samsung Moment has been released as DE03.  This new release was not supposed to roll out until tomorrow (the 14th), however, it seems someone down at Sprint goofed and posted it early.  A couple of the bugs that were in the Moment 2.1 leaks have been squashed, and it seems to be running great so far.  The DE03 .tar file is hidden in the new Sprint update utility, so if you have a prior version of SW Update, you will need to uninstall that before installing this one to avoid any driver confusion.  

Since an official announcement hasn't been made, it's hard to say exactly what has been changed, but here's what I've gathered so far:

  • No Live Wallpapers
  • GPS strength seems improved
  • Signal strength seems improved
  • Voice search bug is fixed

Go here to download the file, and also be sure to take a look at the installation instructions.

More to come as we get it!

Update: Whoopsie, the links (Sprint's and the Rapidshare mirror) have been pulled. We've been told the update will "officially" be out tomorrow -- just because it was briefly on Sprint's server and available doesn't mean Sprint has "released" it -- and we're told the following are included in the update:

  • Keypad backlight optimization
  • Bulk Bluetooth contact push
  • Various Bluetooth fixes
  • Increased speed and performance
  • Swipe to Unlock/Mute/Speakerphone
  • New camera features
  • Pandora enhancements

Look for the update here.


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Android 2.1 for the Samsung Moment leaks out a day early (updated)


Us Hero users have been lucky to be blessed with the most amazing ROM's. Sprint can keep their update, I'll stick with Jerry's (your's), Flipz', and Damage's work. If you guys, and your band of thieves, teamed up to create a "super ROM", I would keep the Hero until the team quit developing ROM's for it.

I would be more than willing, along with others I'm sure, to make a donation of say $5 or $10 to load said "super ROM" if it included unlimited updates (not a pay per update model like Apple uses for ipod touch) ... hint .... hint


Oh sweet!! I didn't see that one coming. I thought it was coming at the beginning of June. Well I'm glad I don't have the Hero. They have to wait til June I hear. Woohoo!!

My sister and sister in law are going to be so happy... now just have to wait for the Hero of my brother to get update... and me for the EVO lol!

I'm gonna pass...I have Calkulin's 2.1 with the Helix launcher and live wallpapers. I don't think I could leave that now !! I'll wait till the mad scientists dissect it, pull out the bloatware and hook it up !!

Ditto..been running the Krim 2.1 from sdx with live wallpapers for a few weeks now and it runs great..no issues!

The one thing I am interested in is how the battery life is with the official Sprint 2.1 though. Calkulin's is quite the battery vampire.

yea it should be .. my wife will be on the road tomorrow and will not be able to update and it screaming for me to fiend the download lol

Wow, wondering if they're releasing the Moment's and not the Hero's tomorrow. That would suck for the Hero users who have had the Eris AND Moment launch before them...

Thanks to you I FINALLY have 2.1 lol. Thank you very much! As far as the actual update, I'm LOVING it. No issues or anything. I'm actually rather glad it took this long, I haven't seen any issues. Thanks to all the members here that help noobs like myself everyday!

"Whoopsie, the links (Sprint's and the Rapidshare mirror) have been pulled."

The download worked two hours ago, an hour ago, and five minutes ago. I don't see that Sprint has pulled it.

I guess I am going to be all crazy and throw caution to the wind and talk about the MOMENT. I mean this post is supposed to be about the Moment, right? Well I was lucky enough to get it from the first link (now I see a mirror is up) and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and smoothly the process went. The actually OS load onto the phone took less than five minutes. FIVE MINUTES, REALLY?!?! My Storm took five minutes just to boot and we won't even talk about the time it took to load a new ROM.

Everything looks great on the phone so far. The wife took it with her so when she get's back I'll poke and prod some more. My first impressions are "Good job Sprint/Samsung/Android for making a stable release even though it took soooooooooooo long."

Now where is 2.2? LOL

To Everyone Here,

I just downloaded the ROM Update off the Sprint Software Download site for the Samsung Moment and installed it on my wifes phone. IT IS the 2.1 Update. You will noticed the download size in parenthesis next to states the size is 84 mbs, and when you download it it is actually 101. This is a huge clue. Apparently they just have yet to update the actual page, but the update PDF and the Updated ROM is the 2.1 ROM.


per ziaodix

You are 100% correct! great find...now running 2.1 "unofficially" official. Now to get moving on the app market for the apps that were for 1.6 and above.

The "Facebook" on the new Moment 2.1 ROM is just a link to the mobile version on the web. But in any case, with or without downloading the Facebook for Android App, I still can't get it to allow me to sync either.

Is the interface supposed to be different? A coworker of mine has the Nexus, and I was expecting the interface to look and behave more like that.

The lock screen is different, but the home screen is still the same. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Seriously, ive got to say im completely underwhelmed with this 2.1 release.

no live wall paper
no 3d gallery
performance seems a little off
no new launcher
a ton of unnecessary animations *they can be turned off i know*

really all the cool things that are on the other 2.1 releases were left out in this one, i hope they fix it before the official release. I know about the developer 2.1 enhancements but i cannot for the life of me figure them out. So if anyone has some suggestions on how to do it please email me(marksmith413@gmail.com), i'd love to have a rooted moment so i can do all the cool stuff.

Just, kind of let down by this.