Samsung Moment 2

That blurry little feller you see? Reportedly it's the Samsung Moment 2 -- SPH-M910, for those of you into such things. Not too much to go on, other than it has Android 2.1 and TouchWiz 3.0 -- before you groan, that's the same version as is on the Galaxy S. Also, there's no Super AMOLED screen. For that matter, it's not said whether it's regular ol' AMOLED, normal OLED, LED, unleaded or whatever.

Other bulleted specs you can glean simply by looking at it: It's a Sprint device, it has a four-row QWERTY keyboard, and the three capacitive buttons on the original Moment have gained a search button (and it's about time). No word on pricing, availability, or whether this is all just some blurry figment of our imagination. One more pic after the break. [WeRAndroid via BGR]

Samsung Moment 2

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benthe1 says:

crazy. Hopefully it will have a 1Ghz snapdragon processor. It looks pretty official but you never know. Let's see if it comes out to be true. Sprint needs to get more phones like this. More smartphones usually equals more customers. :)

Re Snapdragon: It won't. Samsung makes its own processors. And they're quite good.

atrpm says:

It looks way better than the first one... I'm still waiting for the EVO but my sister in law will appreciate this new version!

Anonymous says:

NICE, I hope it doesnt take too long to come out, Ive been looking at all these phones coming out and have been disappointed none had a real kb, now heres one that does. I was almost ready to get the first moment once it actually got the 2.1

Anonymous says:

Oh man, this is going to be a tough choice. I like the EVO screen size but I'll take a Slider any day over a bar phone. I hope the it is an ARM Cortex 9+ (flash) and possible HDMI out, or 3.5-3.7" screen!

Darkshneider says:

Nice looking.

This is a great phone for non-modders. People who like to flash custom roms might wanna rethink a Samsung (as the Moment 1 used a completely different file system from any other phones, most likely due to the custom Samsung chip.)

Anonymous says:

This looks to be the same size as the Moment. Or this can be the rumoured Galaxy S with the keyboard, that would be awsome!

Anonymous says:

Looks exactly like the samsung rogue with Verizon. Hopefully its a litle beefier

Anonymous says:

Rumored LG rumor touch maybe?

Anonymous says:

wrong, rumor touch already on product page.

newboyx says:

Reading these these posts in febuary makes us look really stupid.