Samsung is launching its own video rental service, dubbed Project Glued, to Asian customers later this year. Through the service, customers based out of Asia can stream US and UK-based TV shows in HD.

The on-demand video service will make its debut next quarter in Singapore and the Philippines. Initially, it will be offered on Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones and tablet, but will eventually be available on the Play Store and through Samsung's App Store. A web version of the service will be available sometime later, along with a dedicated client for Samsung's TVs.

The service costs $6.50 for 30 days for one season. In addition to streaming, you can download episodes to watch later. The first episode of every show will be offered for free to incentivise purchase of the rest of the season. Samsung has also mentioned that you can share seasons you rented with up to six friends, which gives them access to the entire season for 24 hours.

Samsung's service might offer a viable alternative to many users looking to stream US and UK-based shows legally in the absence of traditional streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Source: Straits Times, Via: The Next Web


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Samsung launching a video rental service in Asia this year

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As much as I hate Samsung products, if this is half decent I'd be interested. Netflix is really ignoring a huge market, it's so hard to legally watch this sort of content here.

Then again it seems like series will only be available after the they've finished, so it's hardly a substitute for Netflix our hulu.

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