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There's been a little hubbub in the Android developer community surrounding the lack of proper documentation and source code for some of Samsung's Exynos 4 chips. The absence of documentation has lead to some high-profile CyanogenMod developers giving up on porting to some Samsung devices, including the international Galaxy S3. To cut a long story short, smartphone chips are incredibly complex, and trying to port open-source Android to them without the right code samples and documentation is extremely difficult. 

Today, following a short social media campaign, Samsung acknowledged the dev community's desire for full Exynos documentation, saying on its official Twitter account -- 

We hear your concerns about documentation & source code for Exynos-based devices. We're discussing it with our team and will update you soon.

Samsung has proven itself to be relatively developer-friendly in the past, allowing unlocked bootloaders on devices, and even putting out a special developer edition of the locked-down Verizon Galaxy S3. Hopefully Samsung's internal discussions will result in a positive outcome for devs. If so, it'll mean better custom ROMs for owners of Exynos devices.

Source: @SamsungExynos, XDA, Thanks @android_indian

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iPwn says:

Very cool to see, hopefully Samsung does end up releasing documentation for it. I wouldn't want my future Galaxy Note II to be lacking custom roms like Cyanogenmod 10 or AOKP.

mwara244 says:

They are probably double checking everything to not give apple some sh#tty reason or excuse to sue them.

Impheatus says:

Hopefully they'll release them way before I switch from my gorgeous SGSII to the new Nexus so I can taste Butter in this baby.

TizOnly1 says:

I have a Sprint SGSII with Exynos processor, and I've been on JB for about 2 months now...

samirsshah says:

Samsung should release proper documentation.