Samsung Gear Live

Just as folks who ordered the Samsung Gear Live on day one get ready to receive shipping notifications, Google Play has expanded availability of the watch to Australia, Japan and South Korea. This isn't too notable of an expansion, actually, as the LG G Watch was already available in the three countries — this simply brings the Gear Live's availability nearly up to par with that of the G Watch.

Both watches are now available from Google Play in 11 countries around the world, with the LG G Watch also being available in India where the Gear Live is not quite on sale yet. There's still plenty of time to get your order in and be in the first batch of shipments on either watch — you can check it out for yourself at the Play Store link above.

Source: Google Play Support


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Samsung Gear Live now available from Google Play in Australia, Japan and South Korea


Wait what? I ordered my gear live as soon as they were in the store and have gotten no shipment notice? it still says July 8 which is a freaking bummer.

That's what I love about Samsung. They always make sure they make their products available in many countries early for the convenience of their customers. I'm talking to you Motorola.

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