Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung's newest wearable stole the show

Mobile World Congress

Samsung walked away from Mobile World Congress this week with the coveted Best Mobile Device award, but not for the Galaxy S5. Instead, its latest wearable, the Gear Fit, claimed the accolade and stole the show. The Gear Fit is an interesting and exciting device, crossing a smartwatch and a fitness band with a pretty stunning curved Super AMOLED display.

The award was announced on the final day of the show in which we saw a number of big device announcements from the likes of Samsung and Sony among others. We managed to grab some hands on time with the Gear Fit – alongside the Gear 2 – earlier in the week, and you'll find that right after the break.

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Samsung Gear Fit named Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress


I still kind of want the pin on communicator from star trek TNG that calls anyone and has access to the ship's computer with Majel Roddenberry's voice, or a jarvis voice and function from IronMan on a wearable HUD in glasses or a helmet visor

iWatch people are going to hate this.!

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This is actually impressive from Samsung, unlike the s5. Any small chance it'll work with non Samsung phones?

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The fact that the display is running parallel to the user's wrist....mmmm...I really am not sure how that design came about. It'd be awkward to look at the display while it's strapped to the wrist wouldn't it?

Yeah that seems awkward to me, too. Maybe the display auto rotates but then it would be too narrow to be useful

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With AMOLED's viewing angle it should be alright. I'd be more concerned about it lacking enough brightness to be viewable in the sun.

Yeah, I actually took a thin strip of paper, wrote something on it, strapped it around my wrist, and tried to read it. It's definitely awkward for me. I either have to stick my elbows up, wrist bent down, and my head tilted a lot to the left, or raise my hand (as if I'm waiving bye to someone).

Although I do prefer the sleek design of the Fit, I think I'll be getting the Gear 2 just because I'll be able to read the screen easily and comfortably like a regular watch.

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I saw some where that sammy will let users choose the orientation of the screen. So I hope that's true

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I was wondering the same thing! Perhaps it is supposed to be worn with the screen on the inside of one's wrist (that would be slightly less awkward).

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Landscape mode looks odd for viewing unless it's off the wrist, it's like they designed it before thinking about putting it on a wrist.

Good grief, people. Turn your head to the side and look at your monitor. I'll bet you can read it just fine.

Now turn your head every time you want to read your monitor. It's a small ask, but I'm sure it might get extremely annoying if you need to do this consistently.

Put the display on the underside of your wrist. See? Now its correct when you look at it.

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I'm getting it when it comes out. The awkward angle to read the time is irrelevant. Like the guy from Android authority said you can face it in and it would be a normal angle. Other than that this watch covers everything I was looking for and the reason why I was hesitating to get one of the other ones. I didn't want to get something that just told me my emails and notifications. Nor do I need stalker like camera on it. Really for the life of me I dont know why tablets still get cameras much less the watch. Anyways it will be on my wrist once it goes public.

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I love this both as a smartwatch and a fitness band. Unfortunately, I have a Sony device and Samsung decided to make it a Galaxy exclusive again. So disappointed.

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Tablets get cameras because people in business do a lot of things that make a camera useful. Try to scan a document with your iPad or gtab without a camera. Oops. Can't do it. Don't be so naive to think that people are all out taking pictures at the park.

As for the watch, my buddy is a mechanic and has already used galaxy gear to get pics under cars in tight places without trying to break his s4. These things are useful to some people.

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This is what I chose in the poll for best of show and I'm not's a good looking design.

From my Note 2 to you

As much as I hate to admit it, I really like what Samsung is doing. I went from the S3 to the Moto X to give plain Android a try and hated it. I picked up the S4 and all is right with the world again.

I've been looking into a fitness tracker and if the price is right, I'll be picking up the Fit.

Gear 2 looks cool,but the lg lifeband is an open device not tied to one particular company and will be my choice

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Why not just wear it facing palm down? That way all you have to do is turn your hand over and you can read it easily. My grandfather and uncles wore their watches like that.

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I for one don't like wearing my watch on the under side of my wrist, it's my preference, I know. I know some people do, but I would argue that most people prefer it on the "top" of their wrist. Plus I would think the face would be much more prone to scratching on the under side of the wrist?? Give the option to change the orientation and I think that would make me happy.

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This might actually look good on my wrist. I like the display, size, and I don't think viewing would be an issue for me.

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Not surprised by this at all. Shared my prediction with one of my friends earlier this week. Can't wait to have one on my wrist.

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I will definitely get one. The display is not a problem to read on the top of the wrist. If you look down and read anything off to your left (like a book, phone, tablet) the text is the same as the Fit. Just imagine writing on the back of your hand. You won't have to turn your wrist, just glance down. Once you've done it a few times it'll become second nature. Also since they opened the SDK to allow devs to make apps for it, the possibilities get multiplied considerably. It's everything I need and I only hope it comes in at under $200. $149.99 is fair and even $169.99 would be reasonable enough. Maybe offer a discount of $30 or so like the Note 3 got shortly after it's release if they list it for $199. I'm ready for it to be April 11th. I want it now!

Many good points made here. I'll probably buy one if the price is decent. I can see running a bitcoin wallet app on my wrist. That would be slick

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