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Samsung has announced that it has picked the first 200 finalists in its Samsung Gear App Challenge, each of which will receive $2,000 and move onto the second round of the competition to help develop the best apps for the wearable devices.

The company said that it received 980 entries for the first round of competition, with a wide range of apps made for the Gear products such as a "LBS (Location Based Service) app, schedule management app, RSS feed app, Samsung gear-linked game app and more." Entries came from 69 different countries.

The second round of the challenge will begin on Friday, August 22 and from that round 40 winners will be picked, which will share from a cash pool of $850,000. The final grand prize winner will get $100,000 and the top 10 winning entries will later be presented to the general public for their vote. The person who made the app with the most votes will win a BMW i3. Also, the top 10 apps will be shown at the upcoming 2014 Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco in November.

What do you think of Samsung sponsoring a contest to create apps for their Gear devices?

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Samsung Gear App Challenge picks its first 200 finalists


That's a lot of reward for a smart watch app idea. But they can afford it.

Makes me wonder if they're not capable of ideas themselves.

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Samsung could afford to make 100's of gear app by them self but that's not the point. they want developers support

While having that many apps entered is fantastic, it means nothing as the Samsung app store for The Gear is basically a ghost town.

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Of course I realize that. I simply don't understand that if they had close to a thousand apps submitted why some of them haven't been released.

They original Gear is almost a year old, and over the course of the 10 months it's been out, very few apps have made its way into samsung's store.

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There's over a 1000 apps in the gear store but you might not see them cause they might only be compatible to the gear 2.

Maybe they should do something for all us OG Gear owners that are stuck with Tizen....

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It was the smartest thing Samsung did to get apps in there gear store. When I recieved my galaxy gear 2 for father's day,

I was really excited until I saw the gear store. There was only 50 apps maybe a lil more. In my opinion the gear 2 is much better then any Android wear watch. I know there's only 2.I mean my galaxy gear makes phone calls and recieves them. Which I love while I'm driving. Anyway out of nowhere, in the middle of June till the 1st week of August every week day they're were anywhere from 40 - 100 new apps in the app store!! Everyday I would look in the app store and it was like Christmas everyday for over a month. Now there's well over a 1000 apps in the gear store all due to the Samsung app challenge. Great job to all the devs from around the world!!