Samsung Gear Fit

'Release' still marked at April 11

If you're looking to be among the first on your block to get the latest Samsung wearables, now might be a good time to swing by Amazon. The Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo — that's the one without the camera — and Gear Fit fitness band are now available for preorder.

The Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit are each listed at $199. The Gear 2 runs $299. Amazon lists all three as being "released" April 11. Which, of course, is the official release date.


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Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit up for preorder on Amazon


Good for you. Standing by Pebble until the end, as they gasp for one more breath before being put down.

I think that they will be good as an entry level smart watch. they will need to lower the price a little though...

Was gonna get a gear fit but after android wear announcement, will be getting a. Moto360. I had the original Gear and after 3 months, the novelty wore off and sold it. I think this version of the gear will fail again at those prices. Guess they did not learn their lesson on pricing the first time. Price should be between $100-$150

Ian B

They need to sell these smartwatch as many as they can before moto 360 become available
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Yea, exactly like how Moto X killed the sales of GS4 and Note 3. Samsung simply doesn't learn. No wonder Moto X sold more than GS4 and is the most popular android phone now.

"Despite garnering praise from critics, the Moto X sold just 500,000 in its first three months on sale in the US, compared with 10m Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones sold in its first month of release, according to data from Strategy Analytics." Souce: Google "moto x sales figures vs s4" and read the first link (from Guardian)
Not sure where you heard Moto X is outselling Samsung... Samsung is kinda hard to beat.

Still need to come down to a more reasonable price, absolute most I would pay would be $149, these smartwatches are way, way overpriced.

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I couldn't agree more. If they were sensibly priced they would fly off the shelves but I guess that's the price you pay for early adoption. I'm waiting on the Moto 360.

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Could you tell me why you think they are overpriced? Is it a value proposition for you (i.e. because they are limited to Samsung phones) or something more objective?

The reason I ask is because I see these posts all the time in reference to the Galaxy Gear and now the Gear 2/Gear 2 Neo/Gear Fit but never about the Pebble/Pebble Steel (bloggers seem to have adopted this opinion regarding the Samsung smartwatches as well to the point where it is like a mantra). In comparing the two it would seem, at least on its face, that you get more bang for you buck with Samsung's offerings. The Samsung watch is higher specced, arguably more versatile and has features the Pebble/Pebble Steel does not have yet they are comparably priced. It seems to me that if you come to the conclusion that the Gear 2/Gear 2 Neo/Gear Fit are overpriced then, logically, you must conclude that all of the smartwatches currently on the market are overpriced.

Just so you know where I am coming from on my statement regarding comparable pricing, I am comparing the original Pebble at $149 to the Gear 2 Neo at $199 and the Pebble Steel at $249 to the Gear 2 at $299. You might disagree agree that the $50 price differential considering the spec difference of each makes pricing comparable, if so let me know.

Personally, I think that the Gear 2/Gear 2 Neo are very competitively priced.

Given that people pay $99 for the Jawbone UP, I'd argue that even the Gear Fit is reasonable... in comparison.

That said, the UP is overpriced garbage and a complete con, so my baseline for "reasonable" isn't actually sound.

Personally I wouldn't buy these at the current price. (Ditto for the Pebble, though.)

Although the current features and specs are pretty solid for such a compact gadget, they're still essentially just accessories to another gadget. They're basically non-functional without a $300-$500 phone, *and* a lot of their features simply duplicate functions already on the phone. I can't justify shelling out 50% or more again of the price of the phone for a device that simply makes a handful of phone functions (notifications, movement tracking, phone/music control) *marginally* more convenient. For that much money, I'll go to the hassle of reaching aaallll the way into my pocket for my phone. ;)

The locking down to specific phones and etc is a good point, I dont like that either. Buuuut... for those who happen to be on a Note 3 or any compatible phone (which is in the millions just in the first weeks of each launching) I dont see this as any big hurdle or much different than wanting to play a ps3 game on an xbox. To a degree you tend to stick with a brand you like anyway. But in another perspective, looking at it as just a watch, nothing more... $300 isn't really a lot for a watch compared to some $1000 watches I've seen.

I would be surprised if the moto 360 is cheaper. It looks too nice IMHO.

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Anyone know if you can somehow extend the range of bluetooth so that this would work if you walk into another part of your house that's more than ~20ft away? I tested the original Gear and sent it back because I couldn't walk a small distance away without it "disconnecting" and it's features were limited anyway.

I do like the price and feel and look and specs of the NEO way more than the original so I'm considering going in again.

The Moto 360 is truly beautiful, but I figure it'll be 3-4 months out still and since I already have an S3, I know for sure this one will have more functionality than the 360, so I figured I'd grab one for $199.

Maybe if you root it and find a way to run the gear fit manager app. I was wondering the same thing for when I get a nexus 6.

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Tried out the fit today. It was really comfortable and looked awesome. After the announcement of Google's solution to wearables though, I don't think I could force myself to buy it. I'll wait to see what Motorola's watch is capable of.

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Sorry Samsung, we have to first see what Moto360 and Android ware have to offer. The fact that these devices don't run Android and at attached to the apron string of Samsung phones is unappealing

What most people are missing is that the gear fit is more for fitness than the moto 360. I will be buying the 360 and my gear fit gets here in two days. Both devices have a different purpose so stop comparing the two as if each was made for the same purpose. The regular gear isn't all that great, thus I would rather have a 360 for everyday wear and a fit for my workouts.I should know better than to actually expect people on forums to not hate Samsung. If Google made the gear 2 as is people would buy it left and right. With that being said we should at least throw the Sony watch into the equation. Samsung never said it would not use android wear but Sony did. Let's see what the future holds but for now this is what's offered. On a side note dies anyone else remember the moto smart watch that leaked a long time so (4ish months) it looked very similar to the gear 2/lg watch.

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Yeah the hate on Samsung and the "I'll wait on the Android wear devices" post on every Samsung article is getting old. It's just a smartwatch guys, get over it......

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Can someone please tell me how Samsung and the wider community think a wristband, watch, whatever you want to call it, 90 degrees skew to a normal watch face is in any way comfortable?