Forgive us, but the Samsung Galaxy might be the most forgotten Android Phone around these parts. With quiet launches in a few European countries, the Samsung Galaxy has not received the same adoration as the HTC Hero, Sony XPERIA 'Rachael', or even any of Motorola's upcoming Android phones. It's not like we're purposely doing this, we love the hardware, but there's been absolutely no word on a US launch and we're not sure when there'll be one.

With that said, the Samsung Galaxy recently showed up in a new color option: White. All previous images of the Galaxy detailed a sharp looking black but we think this White Galaxy offers a pristine, clean color that suits the device well. Though we usually tend to lean toward black for our gadgets, we think Android Devices look incredible in white.

What about you guys? What's your favorite color for your phones?


Picture of the back of the White Samsung Galaxy after the jump!

There are 6 comments

jdschrock says:

When the G1 came out I really really wanted the brown model, but they were impossible to find. So black it was. Black is a classic cool, and always looks good. I do like the idea of a white phone, but it seems like it would get dirty way to quickly, and show scratches easier.

Adller says:

Black shows scratches easier than white.

Scott says:

It's odd. Not excited: more screen, less button. How about only side buttons.

Anonymous says:

Cant wait to check this out.

Jack says:

looks nice

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