Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 rumor has been floating around the internet for several months now.  It's been discussed by Android enthusiasts at various blogs, and in our own forums as well, and generally written off as an Android phone-geeks dream.  Have a look at it's supposed specs:

  • 4.3-inch SAMOLED2 display at 1280x720 and 340 dpi
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB ROM, 32 GB storage with microSD slot for cards up to 32 GB
  • 8 MP camera with full HD video recording
  • Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, A-GPS
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and all the other Android standards
  • Running Android 3.0

Its supposed release date is Q1 2011.  Why are we revisiting this now?  We've seen HTC's new hardware in the Desire HD and Desire Z/Vision, and Motorola has shown us the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global, but Samsung has been quiet about their future plans for a high end phone. I'm sure they have something in the works, and Samsung likes to go big in the hardware department.  I'm pretty certain that this isn't really the next Samsung Android phone, but I have to wonder how close they can get.  I'd buy it, and I'm sure more than a handful of you guys would, too.  [itrans (Russian) via UnwiredView]


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Samsung Galaxy S2 -- I want to believe


Hmmm... possible that this could be the new google experience phone that is supposed to be by samsung? I'd be down with that!

Ha Ha! That was going to be my question. Will the GPS work? I have a captivate and just bought a HTC Aria off Craigslist, so I can have GPS! The GPS works Flawlessly! So, it is not the size, as some people have mentioned ("Smart phones have small antennas and the GPS will never work well") . The Aria is about as small of a smart phone as you can get!
The Captivate is better in most other areas but, I don't get lost anymore! : ) They should upgrade all of us Captivate users for our troubles. How many think that will happen?

samsung first has to learn how to support and fix bugs in its current crop of new phones if any savvy buyers are going to trust them.

I'm sure this phone exist, but that with that high of specs. lol.
Although those specs do seem believable and achievable by Samsung, except the high res and dpi.

Please fix the current batch of phones for pete's sake!! I have my captivate and it's plagued with issues that are easily fixable if they would just get their engineers to do it instead of making new phones every 3 months!!! So frustrating...

I wish I had gorilla glass my incredible had a nasty fall on to gravel and the screen shattered missing my case and going a milimeter under my screen protector

Looks like a sweet phone. The only problem is that they need to focus on the current Galaxy S line (all models) and give us Froyo and Gingerbread. For God's sake it just came out recently. Don't leave us hanging Samsung!!!!

I think they just announced all Galaxy S phones are getting Froyo in November recently. I mean HTC just updated the myTouch 3G which is considered last-gen at this point, so I have hope that manufacturers and carriers will try to keep their phones up to date. It's only good for their image to care about products released in the recent past.

That would be the perfect phone for me. Damn, why must smartphones become better at such a fast rate? I just got my Fascinate last month. Ahh, it doesn't matter that much, I doubt I'd need such a large screen, resolution, CPU, or megapixel resolution. Although I do really want the 30 extra built in gigabytes due to my large music collection. On the plus side though, by the time I go for my upgrade 2 years from now, 3D cellphones will most likely be around.

i think the same. It used to be any phones that are 6 months old are considered as last generation in terms of specs, but, no offense, it seems with Android....that's like 3 months. and i wonder how those type of spec will affect the battery.

I concur...but you cant disagree that android enthusiastic wont get buyer's remorse when u get something top of line only to get beaten in spec a few week after. However, my cappy is enough to satisfy me for teh time being, despite its problem.

True point. Still it's pretty annoying how fast technology is moving these days, especially in the smartphone market, but I'll survive, my device does everything I want it to do anyway (save for having more games). :)

annoying or awesome?
I really like that tech is this fast...
My phones never last an year anyways...
Even charging ur phone can get damage, thats when i figured that no matter how careful u are if u use ur phone a lot, it will get damage... last year my bb (my first smrtphn) never was even dropped usb plug got damaged from charging... pre had no scratch press the power button and stop working... So enjoy as u can it could break tomorrow

that sound pretty hot. But with the problems for some of current Galaxy S series, make some ppl wonder if they would want to get this. I for one am skeptical. However, if they add a LED camera flash, LED notification light, and front facing camera like what they missing on the Captivate compared to the Epic, I would try Samsung again. for now, I'm fair with my captivate.

and when they talking about 3.0, is that honeycomb or gingerbread?

Id like that phone a lot. But one has to wounder what battery power would be. I really hope these companies are looking into this because its only going to get worse the more they turn a blind eye.

I'd seriously consider buying it if it had vanilla Android on it and didn't have the same UI as the Fascinate...hate that layout!!

Reminds me of a Samsung mp3 player I bought several years ago. It was beautiful - elegant design, wonderfully made, had very small built-in speakers, even. But it wouldn't do simple things like make a playlist, and it disappeared from the market very quickly. Poor execution of good ideas...a Samsung trademark.

If this is meant to be the second iteration of the Galaxy class phone, it is likely not real.

Samsung has a pattern of building the first phone the best and subsequent successor with far more limited specs. Just look at its history.

Lmao. It's not too far. I'd think long and hard before doing that for a phone (no pun intended). But this phone had me thinking.

If sanding is having hard times making super smiled.screens I imagine how it will be with superamoled2 and then no front facing cam?

Too bad it is made by samsung, I got a fascinate now, tried out sprints epic 4g first, horrible phone so many bugs. Then went to verizon for the fascinate, was a lil better, but still allot of bugs and minor flaws, I am stuck with it now. But I know now I will never buy another samsung.

I actually want an EPIC, but holding out for an HTC to be released under SPRINT.
whats wrong with the Epic(besides the popular GPS bugs)???
i dont like Samsung, or any other brand that uses Android, other than HTC. HTC is just awesome!

funny, i have the epic and it's freaking fantastic. you probably should have been patient and waited till the first software update came out before you got rid of it. best electronic gadget i've ever had.

ps. my gps works great.


this is getting ridiculous. i actually own an Android(Sprint Hero) i want to upgrade so bad, every phone is GREAT, but then when i visit the blogs i keep seeing future phones coming out. THEY ALL LOOK PHENOMENAL, YET I KNOW IN 3mos my phone will be considered OLD(unless you own an EVO).
sometimes i wish i had an iPhone because unlike Android, i dont have to look at another phone manufacturer and be GREEN with Envy b/c the SPECS are better than mine.
And also having to wait to get an update on my phone sucks, just most people commenting here.
Rooting isn't always fun, b/c sometimes some of the features on the phone stop working, or SOME FOLKS(like me) DONT KNOW HOW TO ROM, OR ARE "SCARED TO BRICK THE PHONE".
i love how OPEN & CUSTOMIZABLE Android is, but goodness there's A NEW PHONE BEING RELEASED EVERY MONTH. smh...

that's what they all say ;)

No, but seriously, my girlfriend has an EVO, she has small hands and she got used to it, now when she uses my phone (Nexus One) and she says it's too small... so, I say it's all about getting used to it

There are certain exceptions though. Droid Incredible came out almost 6 months ago and is still the best Android phone on Verizon (and possibly one of the best Android phones out there, period). Given that many phones with better hardware specs have been released since then (D2, DX, Fascinate, Galaxy S) but they are all plagued with some or the other crap such as a buggy custom UI or the curse of never getting updated.

If this is truly a successor of N1, then we can be sure that there will not be another such device for at least a year. There hasn't been a true stock Android phone out there (which comes NOT bundled with a whole bunch of apps and features disabled out of the box) ever since the N1. N1 pushed the bar for Android hardware specs. I hope this one does it again in 2011.

If your area has good T-Mobile service, the G2 is also a great phone, and should receive OS updates quickly since it's a vanilla android device.

PS: I would give the Evo a 2nd try. I've met lots of girls with small hands that still love the Evo. Small hands might not even be a bad thing, since that would make texting on large screen that much easier.

just get the epic or the evo. my girlfriend and i have them and are both great devices. i definitely prefer the epic, such a better screen and camera and it runs smoother the evo even with 2.1. just pick one and be happy with what you got!!

Google never released the N1 for Verizon. I sure hope this is a dual mode phone with both HSPA+ GSM/WCDMA and CDMA radios.

Google owes us Android fans that phone, after the fiasco of making us wait months for the Verizon N1 and then asking us to go get the Incredible.

This is nuts, in a few months there's going to be phones that are as powerful as your average computer and a few months after that they'll be as powerful as the most powerful Alienware computer.

I'm glad the mobile market is becoming really advanced, but when are we going to see some advancements in our everyday computers? Like something ground breaking like when the dual-core processors came out. Or better yet, where's our robot slaves?

I have wondered that myself. Why does the mobile industry advance so quickly, while the desktop and laptop computing one has not seen serious innovation since, like you said, when dual-core processors first came out? Lol about the robot slave part.

Because pushing the speeds/capacity on the desktop is difficult because the standards are already so high. Phones started at the very low end and have a lot of room to catch up.

If you don't think there have been significant advances in desktop computing since dual-core, you haven't been paying attention.

Read about Moore's law, it will give you an idea of what's going on.

Desktops and Mobile devices are on different levels because of size.

Im not ready to replace my X just yet but this is the type of phone id replace it with when my time has come. Once I went 4.3 Ill never go back now.

Ha, when I first saw the title, It read as: "Samsung Galaxy $2 -- I want to believe". But, seriously, this will never exist. (At least not in Q1 2011.)

Ok, VZW needs to get this and it better be early Q1 like Jan so I get one quick. My contract ends the end of Dec and I am very impatient.

This could be a contender for that Tegra 2 that is rumored.

No thanks.
Samsung has yet to prove that they're gonna support their current line of phones. Thats why I will NOT be buying a Galaxy tab or any other Samsung phones.
First they shafted Behold 2 owners, now it looks like theres a chance they can do the same to Galaxy S owners.
I'm just happy I never got rid of my Nexus One when I got the Captivate. Still use it 80% of the time instead of my Samsung.

If this is a true successor of N1, then Samsung will just be the hardware manufacturer and Google will be the primary supporter of the software, which means this phone will have the latest and greatest releases from Google as soon as they are released.

Yes, I want to believe :).

While Samsung does turn out some nice hardware, I have watched them mess up time and time again when it comes to software, especially updates.

Rather than release updates in a somewhat timely fashion(lets face it, the mobile operators do not speed up the process), Samsung tends to either release their update way past their promised date or they tend to let the device wallow with whatever Android version it came installed with (Samsung Behold II anybody??).

Another gripe, is that Samsung decided that they need a UI on top of Android, why? I have casually (not scientific at all) asked people who I see with a Galaxy S phone if they like TouchWiz and most do not even know that the UI has a name let alone that it is running on top of something else. Of interest a few people has told me that they do not like the interface at all and preferred the UI found on my Nexus One.

Granted, I have not seen the numbers (one would hope that Samsung has investigated this kind of thing before spending the R&D money), but it would seem to me to be less expensive to use the UI that Google provides rather than develop and code a hole new UI. In my experience most people truly do not care about the UI as long as it is somewhat easy to use and functional.


I like the clean lines of this phone. However, I don't understand why people get excited over incremental increases in processing power.

I am running a current Android 2.2 phone. I have not found a single thing my phone cannot do due to soon becoming "obsolete". It has enough memory (internal and SD) the RAM is fine. 1 ghz keeps up very well. My battery life has been perfectly adequate. Every app currently available on the market works as well as the app is designed to work (no functionality hampered by the phone). The display is beautiful.

Why do people lust after a faster, "more powerful" phone? Is it about functionality or simply bragging rights?

Maybe it's because (I assume) I am older than most people on this forum, but age brings different priorities. The most valuable lesson I learned in life is to be happy with what I have and not constantly chase something perceived to be "better". Once the pursuit is over, more often than not you find the pursuit wasn't worth it and you end up disappointed or not fully satisfied with your latest "conquest". Simply put, appreciate the people and things you are fortunate to have in life and in turn you will have better relationships, satisfaction in your current state of mind and more (much more) financial security. Peace.

What I don't understand is the heavy hatred for Samsung, I have the captivate and my main complaint battery, gps is a better now no other complaint that is specific to samsung. Now updating of the os to froyo is another thing since this isn't manufacturer specific they are many who've left their devices in the dark motorola, dell and so on, there's a reason andy rubin complained about manufacturers lag in releasing updates to phone owners, this is the main and foremost winning point most isheep owners bring to the table apple owns their hardware and their software and they make it a point to keep it updated altogether. The day google gets serious about android and make updating a requirement to using their free os within reason of course considering hardware requirements, then and mainly then will apple have a super problem on their hands. How many verizon people plan to switch once the iphone is released for them?

I understand that this is just a rumored spec but 340DPI might seem a little to low since the IP4 has something like 326, IMHO Samsung should aim for atleast 380~400.

1GB ram is pretty tiny considering samsung reserves a LOT of system memory for call and multimedia functions, 1.5GB should be the min for this 512MB entirely dedicated to the system and 1GB usable to the end user.

and please add a dual-LED flash coz I need it as a torch!

I just hope it works as a phone. I had to return my Captivate even though I LOVED it, because of horrible reception and call quality. Signal strength was -105 and -111 in some areas that I'd had perfect
reception on my old phone. In checking the Epic and Fascinate I found they weren't much better. T-Moblie is totally out for me so I didn't even try it. AT&T admitted call quality and dropped call issues in my area. One employee told me he expected a Captivate 2 in 6 months or so. Ihope he's right!!

I just became eligible for an upgrade on Verizon. I badly want to just go and pick up the Samsung Facinate (Galaxy S) today. It's gonna get Froyo soon and the GPS issue will probably be resolved by then. We haven't heard anything, but I'm wondering if there are going to be some Android releases for Xmas that I should just wait for. Any thoughts?

oyea android 3.0 I love that . I have the samsung vibrant which i think no I know its not being taken care of Froyyo 2.0 long over due.