Samsung Forte

Samsung appears close to launching another 4G LTE phone, this time on the MetroPCS network. The phone, dubbed the Forte, is a horizontal-QWERTY slider that will come with Android 2.2 (Froyo). The Forte is also expected to have a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP camera and a microSD slot. 

MetroPCS customers can rejoice in the fact that more LTE devices are coming their way. The more options the better and the Forte looks to be a solid choice. [Samsung Hub

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moises1204 says:

anybody know if metro pcs bringing lte service to boston ma?

Coolaaron88 says:

So its pretty much the Samsung Transform but actually good

uranidiot says:

Yea transform has a 800mhz cpu but this has 1ghz?! I'm alittle impressed. Sprint owner should b p!ssed.

Looks cool for metro users but its samsung so good luck with updates

beandon says:

no kidding

pDoG says:

yeah, but I feel like people on metropcs wouldn't worry about getting updates considering something like this wasn't even coming their way until now...that does look like a ffc thiugh!

gcims says:

what size screen? 4" like Epic?

jonnyl says:

Too bad MetroPCS blocks Skype and Netflix.

Sniper1087 says:

What are you talking about, the phone LG optimus M allows the use of skype and netflix is not out for android devices yet

PhiUnion says:

This is really interesting. I may actually look into switching to MetroPCS since they finally have a decent phone. I imagine I'll still end up at Verizon with a Thunderbolt though :p

Jonneh says:

^ Of course, spam filter doesn't catch that, but catches everyone's legitimate comments. AC, can we please go back to just weeding through the one or two comments per post like this? Wasn't really a big deal; not sure why it was changed to this terribly inacurrate system we have now.

suberizedwrx says:

Metro just dropped the price of the Craft by $50. Probably using that price price drop to justify the higher price of the phones to come. Rumors can come true. ;)