Samsung Fascinate rooted

Well, that didn't take long, folks. (And nor did we think it would.) The Verizon Samsung Fascinate has been rooted. And that means it's just a matter of time before we see the thorn in many a side (aka Bing) stripped out and a more *cough* acceptable Google experience replaced on the latest vest of the Samsung Galaxy S. [XDA (2), SDX via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Dirrk!


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Samsung Fascinate rooted on Day 1


If ever there was a phone meant to be rooted this is the one. Shame on you Verizon for what you did to this device.

samsung has published the source code for some of them so how hard can it be ? nice in any case...

I was thinking about picking one up but don't have an upgrade and can't pay full retail. Does anyone know how the buy one get one works? Do you both have to be elligible for an upgrade or just one?

This is why I feel that a lot has been made over nothing. Verizon wanted Bling installed on this phone for whatever reason, so Samsung complied. Samsung gave the devs the keys to this phone for the right reasons and everyone will be happy in the end. I've seen too many posts calling this phone a POS for just having Bling installed, software is soft for a reason. The hardware is what should make or break the phone.

Samsung isn't the bad guy here. They made a great phone with the galaxy s line. Verizon however should never have done what they did with the blocking google search bar and replacing it with microsoft. Verizon screwed us, the customers. We buy android for the open custom android experience. If we wanted a winmo experience we would buy winmo. It is a big deal. We should get what we want, we pay enough to them. I smell the potential for a class action law suit. I doubt it will go that far but it our money we buy one thing but vzn gives us something else. Hmmmm it would be good if it happened to put them back in their place. They need to be, badly.

If this is the case then Moto and VZW should have a class action lawsuit brought against them for having a locked bootloader, which in my opinion, is a much bigger deal than bling on the Samsung. You still have the option of loading Google Maps and if you look at the system dump of the Fascinate Google Apps and Google Search are in the phone. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending Big Red they are the atypical corporate monster. I completely agree that we should have choice to use the Google search widget out of the box and VZ screwed the pooch on that one, but grounds for a lawsuit I think is a little extreme. I'm just stating my opinion that the Fascinate came out of the box with a lot more potential of being customized than the X did and I definitely don't remember this much outcry over that. The basic manifest for Open Source Software is to give the user the ability to customize the software as they desire. Verizon desired to have bling installed and mods like Cyanogen will do with it as they please. Now that we have root yank bling out of your phone and install all of the google apps that you desire they are in there.

The reason that Bing is installed on this and other phones it is installed on is that M-soft is paying the carriers involved beaucoup bucks to strip out Google and install Bing.

It's just business and it's just that simple.

You can get rid of Bing? Yes!

I haven't been this excited since someone edited Star Wars Chapter 1 and removed all the references to Jar Jar Binks.

do you need to unroot the fascinate to receive the froyo update? and do i need to do anything with the clockwork recovery mode before the update roles out. someone please help? i realy want froyo

I tryed it and when I run it the samsung fascinate root it powers down my phone the first time but its not waiting for my phone to power back up so it dont work what can I do