Samsung Orion

Samsung first announced their dual core, 1GHz, ARM cortex A9 A9 cpu, named appropriately enough Orion back in early September.  Thing seem to be progressing quite nicely, as Engadget just had some time with them at the ARM Technology Conference, running both Linux and Android 2.2.  The development boards were a bit buggy, but one of Engadget's pictures shows a pretty nice render as part of the benchmark suite Samsung was using to show off the CPU paired with the Mali 400 GPU.  Serious nerd pr0n right there, I tell you what.

Now maybe, just maybe this thing will be ready and debut in the Nexus S.  Someone besides me thinks so, too.  If not, we'll probably have to hold out for that Samsung uberphone that's supposedly going to conquer the planet next year.  Devs need to start on a Starcraft II port ASAP.  [Engadget, Android Central Forums]

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darkmax says:

How much power does that thing consume?

miniZ says:


At what point does this become excessive? "Look at my 52" quad core super phone!" Considering the power consumption to performance improvement I'm thinking that the single core processors are just fine. If power hungry components keep progressing like this while power starved batteries crawl forward to support the technology you wont be able to get an hour out of your phone without needing a charge!

Dyster says:

Agreed. I would prefer they just optimize the code. If android was all/mostly written in assembly, the phones would scream at 200mhz!

sookster54 says:

It's about time phones got dual core, now you can clock them a little lower than the current ones and extend battery life while getting the same or better performance due to multi threading. The Blackberry Playbook is shipping with a dual core, I look forward to checking that out.

vtbert3 says:

MIPS chips are better....

pyroja says:

I personally prefer Sun chips.

caliesv says:

Doritos here....

Blueman101 says:

Forget Starcraft 2, just do a Crysis port while we are at it...

dougeetx says:

I barely get an hour out of my evo now. Dual core would give me like 30 minutes.

francistaple says:

I have heard a lot about it but haven't used it yet. So I can't comment on it.Extamax