Back at CES we first caught wind of the nameless Verizon device, which we later found out was the Samsung Droid Charge, and it has now made an official appearance in some Verizon promotional material. There's also a multimedia desktop charger, which serves as a media player and a speakerphone, and it has a spare battery charger slot, which is pretty sweet. While this isn't as great as a release date, it is further proof that the device could be coming sooner then later. [Engadget]


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Samsung Droid Charge shows up in Verizon promo material


The UI or the hardware? 'Cause the hardware pretty much looks like 90% of all other Android phones..

??? the DInc had soft keys and came out many months before the Fascinate, so I doubt Samsung was breaking any ground there. No Samsung broke new ground when the kept promising timely updates and didn't deliver until customers started pursuing lawsuits against them for holding back on software updates (see vibrant.) I have to agree this is an ugly phone , could easily be mistaken for a crappy Samsung feature phone. FAIL

People are just looking for a reason to hate on it, has a slight v shape at the bottom and all of a sudden its the Elephant phone.

When the fascinate first came out everyone was hating the soft keys and now no one likes the hard keys.

Well if the pattern following the HTC Incredible is to be believed, it will get delayed ten months, then cancelled. Then eventually, smartphonepedia will create their own.