Samsung Continuum owners will want to be on the lookout for an update being pushed from Verizon today. Although it is not Froyo, it is a release that contains quite a few bug fixes in it so you'll want to be sure to get it installed of you're having any weird issues. In addition to all the bug fixes, you'll also be installing VCAST apps onto your device. (Grrrr.) You can download the update if it hasn't yet pushed by going to Settings > About Phone > System Update. [Verizon]


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Samsung Continuum software update now rolling out


Stop with the updates give me Froyo oh wait I have the Evo 4G with froyo another reason to be on Sprint.

You're comparing a samsung phone with an HTC. In case you didnt notice, my HTC incredible on verizon has had froyo for months now.
More like another reason to buy a phone from any other company EXCEPT samsung.

Good luck with that update Continuum owners, Lord only knows what it will do to your phone...
Dissatisfied VZW Samsung Fascinate Owner

Verizon pushed a new update through for me on Feb 21, 2012. I never had any issues with my phone until then. It created multiple bugs for me. My phone is a mess now. Verizon said they can't undo it, so what do I do now that they messed my phone up?
Some examples of issues it caused me: the phone screen freezes and wont react to anything unless i pop out the battery to reset it. The weather ticker on the phone will not update anymore. The calendar will not update anymore. the apps I downloaded (not the pre-loaded apps) are now auto-starting and draining the battery. Have to turn the phone on/off multiples times a day to get phone to work smoothly.
when is the next update to fix all these new bugs?
my phone is almost useless now and I used to be so happy with my phone.
Thanks Verizon for messing up my phone. You should pay for a new one not me