It would seem Samsung is making no effort to slow down their marketing juggernaut, despite the myriad of current events surrounding them.

The video highlights the same voice features we saw in the second commercial, which is nice, but regardless, don't be like the driver before he gets his voice commands. It's dangerous and isn't worth the risk. Alright, off the soapbox.

At any rate, I think we can all agree he must not be using his Galaxy S2 on Sprint. Thanks, Kenny!


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Samsung continues commercial onslaught, and there was much rejoicing


He is definitely lip syncing and sounds like a guy from a ridiculously condescending American documentary has done the voice over :P

One thing to consider is this type of technology really negates the advantages of things like Ford Sync system. While Sync still has some compelling features, this has to put pressure on them to drop the premium price. (Kind of like $120 GPS units make $1800 Nav systems look like a bad deal.)

Is Samsung switching the default search-long-press/voice-command app with their own? That's what it looks like from these commercials. Wonder why they decided to roll their own rather than leave Google's stock solution or use something like Vlingo. I sure hope they didn't somehow skin/modify Google voice, making it harder to update it...

I know right?! I'm pretty sure you can still text to speech with Sprint... I mean its not a voice call it's just texting jeeze!!!

Me neither. But vlingo has done this for quite some time. But Samsung is marketing a great feature which is what more OEM should do. Alot of ppl actually think that apple invented copy/paste! Marketing works wonders!!