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Faux leather Chromebook hitting British shores on May Day

Samsung has announced that the faux leather covered Chromebook 2 will be headed to the UK and will be available from May 1. The black 11.6-inch model will be available from that date, but the white model and the larger 13.3-inch version will be available from May 12.

Pricing in UK money for the two will be £249 for the 11.6-incher and £329 for the 13.3-inch. It'll no doubts be available from a variety of sources so we'll keep our eyes peeled for any confirmed suppliers.

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Samsung Chromebook 2 priced and dated for the UK


Yeah I'm going to sell my nexus 7 and get this and the note 8.4. Where do you sell it.

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I thought the 11 only came in grey. I'm looking forward to the 13 anyway. Looks great in black. That fake leather seems to look a lot better here than on the phones

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I was going to buy it for the 1080p screen, but I ended up going for the Asus ROG, simply because I needed a little more offline functionality that isn't simply available via Chrome OS (not yet, at least).

However, this was definitely on my radar. When it finally launches, it'll be the cheapest 1080p laptop on the market. I got my fingers crossed that this Chromebook helps to push the prices down on other 1080p laptops.

I'm really happy with my C720, but I think I am going to get the 13" Samsung for my mom. She's turning 60 this year, and I think a Chromebook is a pretty good primary computer for a senior citizen. :)

Edit: £349 is pretty cheap considering it includes some type of time travel device. I think you meant May 12th for the release of the 13 inch model

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Lol, who doesn't?

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I agree with you!! But how can we do office work on this like Microsoft Office, may be using a app???

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Unless you use a lot of advanced functions (especially in Excel), then Google Docs is a pretty good MS Office replacement these days.

Chromebooks are creeping up and up in price. A £300+ web browser isn't really great value compared to the previous £190ish ones

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Well, the specs are creeping up, too. This thing's got a much better screen, more RAM, etc. All of that adds up. The cheaper models (Acer, etc) are still available for a lot less money than this.

Only beginning to match windows laptops for not much more with a full OS?

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That is true, but Windows laptops at that price point (anything under $500, really) are universally garbage. They're so underpowered, slow and lacking in battery that they may as well not even run a full OS at all. For the money, I'd rather have a Chromebook that has fewer functions but much better execution.

He already made a suggestion... Use Google's app suite. It's free, and included in Chromebooks automatically.

If that's not enough, then you can always install Linux (one of its many variations) and use Open Office, amongst others.

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You really need to read more before asking so many simple questions

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This. Over the past few years, I've gone through 03 Toshiba Satellite laptops. They were reliable laptops, but they were woefully underpowered. I ended up giving them to friends and family, because resale value is hilarious for Windows laptops in that price range.

I moved to the Acer then Samsung Chromebooks, because for the price, they perform amazingly well.

Back with Windows 8, though. I ended up needing more functionality (at the expense of battery life, lol) due to travel.

But, with these specs, this Chromebook looks to be a steal, for the price.

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Exactly. I always say that if you need a laptop for resource-intensive work, a Chromebook is not for you, but neither is a shitcan WIndows laptop. If that's the case, you should not even be paying attention to the sub-$500 notebook market. Dig into that wallet and buy a high-end notebook.

Chromebooks are not workhorses, but they are better-suited to personal and light work use than cheap Windows laptops.

I used one drive earlier to do a questionnaire that was written in word and looked wrong in Google docs to me.

Word online looks very similar to whatever hideous version of Ms office has just been installed in my work place (2013? Maybe)

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If they knew, they would've told us by now.

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Considering this thing benchmarks at half that of the Acer C720, a year old device, this price point is horrible.

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