CM7 on the Samsung CaptivateCM7 on the Samsung Captivate

The Samsung Captivate just got its official Android 2.2 Froyo update. So it's only fitting that the CyanogenMod community project just released an initial CM7 Gingebread build. That's right, Android 2.3.3 for the Samsung Captivate. It's being billed as a usable test release, but undoubtedly bugs will crop up. Give it a whirl if you want -- you'll be glad you did. [via XDA]

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dan4patriots says:

and i was about to dump my captivate for an atrix, maybe i wont now

mck says:

im in the exact same boat, debating between an atrix and an inspire, lucky for me now that i have cm7 im content for a while.

EvoXOhio says:

Don't get the Atrix, it's junk. I had it for 3 days and returned it and got the Inspire. The Inspire may not have dual core but is faster, has a better UI, and easier to use.

GQ50 says:

Well I can't comment on the Atrix though I have friends that have had it from day one and they luv it. I think it will change the way companies look at the cell phone. Its a step in the right direction. Anyway now that I have froyo for my Captvte and just learned to root, I'm also considering the Samsung Infuse. After reading the specs and seeing the hands on reviews for the Infuse, I feel this is the phone Sammy should have released last year.

slackerjack says:

First! And congratulations Captivate owners...I know a lot of us SGS owners that have been anxiously awaiting this!


Griffspen says:

You weren't "first" jack wagon.

s2h2golf says:

Thanks for using my tip (I'm sure others sent this in too). Glad it got moved to the headlines.

dgdave says:

Will this let you sideload apps?

ilongbored says:

Lol, are you serious?

If not, then that's a good joke.

If you are serious, yes, this can DEFINITELY sideload apps.

E_man says:

You have been able to sideload apps since before there were roms. Ah, the Unleash the Beast days.

s2h2golf says:

Everything that Samsung and ATT did to cripple the Captivate has been completely removed.

veteranmina says:

When will they go for the Samsung Mesmerize on the Us. Cellular Phone. its the same build as the captivate just different radio builds

Martian says:

Your Mesmerize is identical to the Verizon Fascinate, about the only thing it shares with the Captivate is the Galaxy S logo.

I highly doubt you are going to see any Cyanogenmod 7 love for your Mesmerize until it or the Fascinate gets the 2.2 update.

Griffspen says:

My Captivate after FROYO has been SWEET!! GPS is perfect and it's VERY fast. I'm curious how much better Gingerbread will make it....... I think for me, that I'll be waiting until it's stable.

Same here. My GPS issues were fixed after the first patch way back when, but the Froyo update has indeed made things sweeter. I'll also wait for something stable.

kaik541 says:

the team has a new location:

they have all been merged into a single thread to keep development between the devices in sync

h8rift says:

It Does Stuff ©

Cheers to those that get this.


h8rift says:

Nothing to see here...

GuyverV says:

been waiting for this. i'm. so. happy *tear*

HUZZAH! SQUEE! Ya' gotta love geek boys and girls.

babybear293 says:

these developers do all this for free? or do they receive donations?
because man how come these developers cant get hired by these manufacturers to create these updates? why?! the Android community puts these Corporations to S-H-A-M-E, & thats putting it kindly.

E_man says:

They do it for fun. They often get donations, but I would be surprised if it was even 1/10 of what they would make as a salary. For these guys, it's the fun of it all.

Archaeon#AC says:

Just a safety note, the CyanogenMod7 forum thread for the Galaxy S devices (including the Captivate) is currently warning users NOT TO FLASH THIS BUILD because of bugs. Please heed their warning and don't try to flash until they get it fixed. I'd hate to see anyone's phone get ruined because they didn't pay attention.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way...YAY CM7 OMG!!one!LOLS! :-)

oldbaldy says:

Froyo is a joke,I think.
It's already yesterdays news man.
Gingerbread here I come!!!!!!!!

JeffDenver says:

Froyo doubled the speed of my Droid 1...that is hardly a joke. And Froyo gave us flash support finally.

hansonator says:

They put up the test build for the GS I9000 at thr beginning of February and it is sweet. But as posted above... VERY BUGGY!!!

It is not for the noob or casual user. The forum on XDA is flooded with people complaining about problems and can't fix them. If you are confident you can or at least can read and follow directions, give it shot. I had it for a day, reboot, and it went apeshit. I'll try it again when it's stable.

chrisz5z says:

You should try it again, they've fixed most of the bugs since. Its been my daily driver for the past couple weeks

bheid33 says:

agreed. ive been testing out the captivate cm7 for a couple hours, honestly havent seen many bugs at all. pleasantly surprised..

carraser891 says:

Samsung was the first manufacturer to have Gingerbread in their hands. Hopefully Samsung puts out to the Galaxy S soon. Oh wait, they cant even get Froyo right......

E_man says:

Old and useless joke is old and useless. Or are you unaware that Samsung is the first manufacturer to have a leaked gingerbread build for an existing phone. Or the fact that froyo has been done for the SGS since October, but you can blame the US carriers for the delay.

Thought not.

frankiegth says:

Froyo rocks on my Samsung Captivate..I almost sold it last week on ebay....Now everything is just faster..I'll wait to purchase the Atrix for now..

JeffDenver says:

I have been using 2.3 on my Droid 1 for a week or so now and LOVE it.

derande says:

i haven't had the time to read the entire CM7 Cappy thread but are there still problems mounting the external SD card > computer?

i'm still loving the Assonance 5.0 ROM but if CM7 gets the bugs out, I'm moving over this this weekend :)

c0ldburn3r says:

CMSGS team has been hard at work and it's getting closer to a full release. Atrix is just plain over rated.