Sedio Case for Captivate

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Samsung Captivate is a solid case that will keep your phone light while protecting it from scratches. 

It comes with two pieces that fit together. At first, I was skeptical at this approach as I felt it would easily fall apart, making it nearly unusable. But I have never had it come apart thus far, and it's still easy to remove it in order to reach the battery, microSD or SIM card slot. 

One of the best aspects of the Galaxy S hardware in my opinion is how lightweight all of the devices are. This case does its best not to add much bulk to the phone and it does a good job (it's only 1mm thin). The interior of the case boasts a felt lining that will work to protect the Captivate from wear and tear of the product.

To put it on your device, separate it into two pieces. Then slide them onto the phone with the bottom part fitting just underneath the top. Pick it up to ensure that it fits snuggly and you're good to go. 

If you've been looking for a good case for the Captivate that doesn't add bulk, consider the Seidio Innocase II Surface, available from the Android Central store for $29.95. Find more pictures after the break. 

 Seidio Innocase II 1  Seidio Innocase II 2

Seidio Innocase II 3  Seidio Innocase II 4

Seidio Innocase II 5  Seidio Innocase II 6

Seidio Innocase II 7  Seidio Innocase II 8


Reader comments

Samsung Captivate case review: Seidio Innocase II Surface


There are 2 things that annoy me about the Galaxy S phones.

1.That ridiculous thing the call "Vibrate" is very annoying on those capacitive buttons... Unlike how smooth it is on HTC phones

2. The Captivate.

I like the other S phones but the Captivate I can't stand... it just comes off as cheap and I hate the shape too.

Looks like a nice case though. I refuse to get a case for my EVO... But I do like the Seidio Innocase 2

The lightness of the Captivate that Sean praises is the exact opposite of what Jerry calls "build quality" and "feels good in your hand".

Both are mere personal preferences with nothing of substance behind them.

But a case review should talk about the case. How "sticky" is the material its made from. Does it make it impossible to get into or out of your jeans pocket?

Will the felt liner trap grit? Since its a slide on case this is important. Apple has removed all slide on cases from their store due to the fact that they trap grit and scratch the Glass back of the iPhone. Imagine what this will do to the plastic back of the Captivate?

How much does the case interfere with the operation of the touch screen? Its a sad fact that most cases make the touch screen less responsive, either by physically interfering with operations near the edge of the screen, or damping the capacitive touch technology, which does require a ground plane (your hand) to work.

I'm tired of seeing individual case write ups, which read more like advertisements than anything else. From now on each Android Central case write up by AC writers should compare two competing cases.

How can you say that the best part of a Galaxy Phone is its lightweight? I, along with most owners, would agree that the light weight was one of the major turnoffs. It makes it seem very cheap.

I wish someone would make a aluminium rear cover for my Vibrant to add some weight to it.

How can you say that the best part of a Galaxy Phone is its lightweight? I, along with most owners, would agree that the light weight was one of the major turnoffs. It makes it seem very cheap.

Thanks for proving my point in the post immediately above yours.

I like it light. When I pick up other phones they feel like a brick in comparison. The Captivate has a metallic back and it still feels as light as a Galaxy S i9000.

If you're worried about build quality, I don't use a case or screen protector and don't have a single scratch or blemish after about 3 months of use. In fact I've dropped mine crossing a road, slid 10ft down the road with not a single scratch.

What a bunch of cry babies. Since when does weight have anything to do with cheap or not? Does the iPhone being a leaded brick make it a phenomenal phone?

I could not agree more. These companies spend millions to try and make phones smaller and lighter ... and what are these people whining about? It being too light? That is just ludicrous.

I have the Seidio Innocase 2 on my Nexus and really like it. The surface grips enough so it's not slippery but doesn't grab your pockets like a silicone skin does. The only downside is price. All in all a quality piece.

While not as adamant as icebike, it would be cool to see a multi case review for different devices. I have the OEM case coming and it seems like a good way to go, but as much as the various cases cost, it would be good to have some insight for each one before buying. :)

I came here wanting to read comments on the case its self, not people whining about the phone. if you don't like it don't buy it.

Agreed. As a captivate owner,I love the lightweight, disliked the "iPhone" shape of the other SGS phones, don't want a bulky keyboard, so I got the captivate. I come to look at a case, and see nothing but hate.

AC, you guys think you can get your hands on a review unit for the new otterbox cases for this phone? I'm thinking of getting the commuter or impact cases, but not sure at it's added bulk.

Don't even think about buying that piece of crap. I wasted my 40.00 dollars. You'll be better off buying several cheap cases from Amazon.