If you've been looking to get the new Samsung Captivate from AT&T, be sure you check out Amazon's awesome deal first. Amazon is offering the 1GHz "Hummingbird" processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, and an all-new Touchwiz 3.0 user interface for a $49.99 with a new two year contract. AT&T is currently selling it for $199.99. Sounds like a steal to us. Check out our review of the Samsung Captivate before you scoop it up from Amazon though. [Amazon via Android Authority]

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BoNg420 says:

Waiting on the Verizon Galaxy S to come out, don't want to be on a crappy network. Good deal if you get good ATT by you.

ben dover says:

how much is att's early term fee now?
at that price you could buy it, cancel the service and pay the fee and then turn around and sell that baby as new in the box and probably make money. haha

EDIT: ok early termination fee is $325 and the phone is $50 so $375 total. the phone costs $500 out of contract so if you want to buy the phone out of contract this is totally the way to go!

mackie99 says:

Are you sure it's $325? When I checked on AT&T's web site, the Captivate was not listed. So, ETF would be $150. Unless it's an old page.

Here's the web page at AT&T http://www.wireless.att.com/learn/articles-resources/early-term-fees.jsp

ben dover says:

good eye! I though the $325 was just for every smartphone att sold. guess not! $200 out of contract is making me think twice... lol

icebike says:

I'm guessing thats an oversite on that page. So you better print it and keep it if you want to try the phone with the option of bailing out for $150.

Only works for new contracts. Renewals on a family plan are $169.99...

hampstenj says:

that's because Amazon knows the capivate is a cheap shot of a galaxy S phone. At&t crippled that bad boy so much it should wear a diaper!

Crippled how?

angermeans says:

No shit how is it crippled? I am getting 2200+ Quadrant scores on Android 2.1. I can side load apps, has the fastest processor/gpu of any phone on the market, has the best screen of any phone on the market, and has a great dev community. I say your brain is the crippled one as you can't think out of the box and/or get the most out of your devices.

TheBronze says:

Also check mobility.dell.com for this deal, but $99 for renewals. And wirefly.com. :)

uberspeed says:

Too bad if I cancel I would lose my unlimited data, ATT is rock solid in SoFla.

WarningSLO says:

Some dumb questions:

I am on my parents' AT&T family plan and my wife is on her parents' Verizon plan. We are leaving for our own family plan at the end of the month.

My wife gets an AT&T premiere discount through work so we are going to stay with AT&T. Do I have to buy our phones through the Premiere store or can we go to Dell or Amazon or Wirefly and still get the monthly discount on our bill? If I am leaving my parents' family plan for a new one but keeping my phone number, does that count as a new plan or new 2-year contract, and can I also do this from a store other than AT&T?

Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.

ben dover says:

you can always apply the discount to any att account. they use the corporate email to verify you (your wife) works at the company you're using the discount code for.

You should be able to port your number off you're parents account and onto your own. not 100% sure on that one though. I know 3 att managers, I'll txt one real quick and find out for you :)

WarningSLO says:

Thanks. So I would:

1) Get the port info for our current numbers from our existing plans.
2) Order phones from Amazon/Wirefly
3) Once the new AT&T account is created online, log-in and sign-up for the premiere discount using my wife's businees e-mail.

Sound about right?

ben dover says:

my buddy who is the att manager I called is having to call his boss who is over all of st. louis about this one. haha.

Here's the deal so far:

to be a "new contract" you would have to cancel your number from your parents family plan and then open your own account with a new number.

He is calling his boss to find out if the number can be moved to another account and be still considered a "new contract" since technically you would still be an att customer.

I'll let you know when he calls me back. could be after work though since he's busy right now.

WarningSLO says:

Thanks. I appreciate the effort.

helikart says:

Yeah, $169.99 for a renewal of a line on a family plan is still way too high! :(

Devtodi says:

do not expect to be able to port your old phone number- they will refuse to do so- NOT A DEAL!

ben dover says:

moving the number over from another att account might be an issue but they have to port by law from any other carrier.

snydahh says:

I did this over the weekend, and on Tuesday I received my Samsung Captivate. I must say I love it. Having the original Droid from Verizon really turned me off to Android- Verizon service isn't too great around me, and I had to get three new Droids in a two month period. But I'm glad I gave Android another try, Samsung really did well with this one.

Just a word of warning though. If you buy from Amazon, you are agreeing that: 1. You will stay on an individual plan for 181 days and 2. You will not cancel the service and keep it in good standing. If you do not do both of these requirements, Amazon WILL charge you $250, which would make the phone a total of $299.99 and then you would have the $325 AT&T ETF. So anyone thinking they can get this phone as a steal, be warned, you can't.