Let's get you guys caught up with the latest Samsung Behold II news! The Samsung Behold II is Samsung's first official Android handset available in the US and packs a AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera, and runs Samsung's own Touchwiz UI.

Samsung Behold II to Launch with Android 1.5

In a mind boggling decision, the Samsung Behold II will launch with Android 1.5 and eventually update to Android 2.0. With Android 1.6 already widely available to T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G users and Android 2.0 looking pretty on the Motorola DROID, it just makes no sense to have a new Android device release with an OS that's three updates behind. How can you excite customers who are keen on the benefits of Android 1.6 and 2.0?

It looks like the Behold II won't update to 2.0 until 2010 which begs the conspiracy theory that Google and Verizon cooked up a deal to leave the Motorola DROID as the only Android 2.0 device for 2009. What do you guys think? [via tmonews]

Touchwiz UI Shown Off on Video

If you're interested in what the Touchwiz UI on the Samsung Behold II is all about, check out the video after the jump. It basically consists of a  cube with application 'faces' that makes it extremely easy to jump to your most used applications. Spin and move the cube around and tap on the face to open up the application--easy enough, right? We love the novelty of Touchwiz but are unsure of how it'll work in real life usage. We'll be sure to follow up our thoughts on Touchwiz when we get our hands on the Behold II! [via tmonews]



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Samsung Behold II News: Runs Android 1.5, Touchwiz Demo


ive played with this phone already as some of the stores got the demos last week. It is a dissapointing hunk. the UI is choppy. The back and home buttons needed to be pressed extremely hard for them to work. It just didnt have the feel of a quality phone. All the "flashy animations" asside, it is so far my least favorite of our android phones. For the same price, the moto-cliq has the same camera, a keyboard, and its much more smoothe and feels better made.

Okay. Big fan of this site and all. But please!!! Stop referring to the Behold II as the first official Android phone from Samsung in the US!!! The Moment has been out for two....count them...two weeks!! C'mon Casey! Put that thinking cap on.

I have the behold2 i had the mytouch for almost a week i have had the behold2 for less then 24hours and i love it with updates it will blow all other tmo android phones out of the water.