Tired of Cupcake on your Behold II? T-Mobile is rolling out an OTA update to Donut (Android version 1.6), which is supposed to be the final version add for the phone. Sure, Android 1.6 may not have been the version you were all hoping for, but it comes with a number of bug fixes, Google Apps (Google Voice Search, Google Maps, etc.) and support for Swype. Do you wish the Behold II had more of a sweet tooth for the heavier desserts? Post a comment if you wish it did or if you’re fine with the more mild sweets.
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The Samsung Behold II is getting updated


behold owners should consider themselves extremely lucky to get 1.6. i, galaxy i7500 user, will most probably never see this update. btw if i ever change my phone, you can bet it’s not going to be a samsung

I think it's ridiculous that the Behold II is just getting 1.6. My G1 automatically upgraded to 1.5 when I bought it 6mo's ago. Then to 1.5 a short time later. The fact it's taken this long for 1.6 for the Behold II is making me rethink getting the Galaxy S when it comes out.

LMAO 1.6??? ... What is this 2008? . . . Still can't use most of the good apps in the Damn Market... This is shameful... SAMSUNG BOYCOTT!

This phone should of never came out in the first place. who ever thought of "the cube" should be shot. This phone is an embarrassment to Android. Samsung is only good at making TVs