Samsung Beam

The Samsung Galaxy Beam, which boasts a built in projector, was officially released in Singapore this weekend. 

The Beam joins Samsung's Galaxy S line, which has been releasing worldwide over the past few weeks. The T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate were the first to arrive in the US. 

The phone lists impressive specs that display Samsung's desire to gain market share in the high-end smartphone market:

  • 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen
  • 720MHz TI OMAP 3440
  • Built-in projector
  • 8 mp camera
  • Android 2.1
  • 16GB internal storage, supports 32GB microSD

We knew the Beam was going to be released overseas first, and now Android fans in Singapore can get their hands on one. No word yet on when we may see it in the U.S. (we're not betting on it). [Samsung Hub]


Reader comments

Samsung Beam officially on sale now in Singapore


Wasn't too surprised to start seeing projectors built into phones now. The things have gotten so small, it's become a reality for all the new smartphones that come out in the next few months.

What is with everyone insisting that if a device has less than 1ghz it is "underwhelming" when even the Droid 1 was no slouch with only an underclocked 600mhz processor

The fact that this phone has a built-in projector is reason enough to buy this phone. I really hope that built-in projectors becomes a standard in higher-end android smartphones. Being in the military, I can't tell you how awesome that would be to have during a deployment!