Samsung's gone ahead and released yet another Galaxy Note 4 event teaser ad, this time choosing to go full-on promotional with the "Note" name but not actually explaining anything about what the phone does. You see lots of people having fun, listening to music, going to parties, eating ice cream and driving cars, but there's nary a shot of the Note 4 or any of its features.

We're not far off from Samsung's big unveiling in Berlin, though, and you know we'll be bringing you every bit of coverage possible from the show.


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Samsung asks if you're 'Ready to Note' in latest Note 4 teaser ad


Not for me for many reasons, most of all the size.

Nevertheless, looking forward to the Yarrellians' (referring to most of you) kerfuffle Note promotions and announcements elicit in these forums.


"This is an easy choice to buy nothing on the market today matches or compare to the galaxy note products period.

Nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are android nothing else matters."

-- richardyarell1
"From Note3 on T-mobile"

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I'm looking forward to the hundreds of comments claiming that everyone on this site is a Samsung fanboy, and the equal number of comments claiming that everyone on this site is a Samsung hater.

This is the kind of crap you don't like about him. How are you any better going into an article about Samsung and making this the first post? You all didn't just feed the trolls you became them..

Richard, keep doing your thing. You got a good thing going, can't quit it now. Haters will hate...

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That must mean you're a stock android Google lover that's to bad. Note 4 trounces any silly Nexus 6.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Wow what happened on this site? You are all coming across like children - not saying you haven't been driven to it but this is wholly unproductive.

Agreed! There's a lot of great tech out there now, boys and girls. Why don't we try to talk about why we love the one we chose, instead of all this negativity? It would be more interesting.

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For the most part, that's what we/they try to do. That is, until Richard comes along with his "SAMSUNG IS KING" crap, telling everyone that doesn't own a Samsung device that they are wrong or dumb or useless, while telling other people to "stop the hate".

"Note 4 trounces any silly Nexus 6"? WTF?

I loved my Note 2, and love my current n5.... They each have their place. The samsung bloatware however, really isn't anything to blow off... It is atrocious. But my main issue with your post is claiming that 1 phone that hasn't been released yet, and only leaked, is better than a phone that hasn't been released or leaked yet...

I mean you have NO clue what the Nexus 6 has in it, or what it's specs are so just stop with your fanboy textual diarrhea.

I appreciate that you are a Sammy/Note fanboy... more power to you. Enjoy waiting on those updates.

The nexus 5 is past the 2 year window and so is nexus 4 and they are still receiving updates. Sounds to me that samsung still lags in this. No way around it, simply put nexus and updates is the way to go if you want the latest updates.

Not obsessed, it's just some people don't like to wait 2 years for an update that brings new features and security updates.

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Sorry, but you shouldn't have to get a developer edition to get updates. If you don't care about updates then that's your choice. And developers aren't the only ones that would like a phone to stay updated especially if it means receiving a security update.

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No actually, you should not expect updates. If 'updates' are your priority you have to go developer. This update entitlement is new and strange.

Ok, i'm glad you don't think that when android releases a new os, those that have a non nexus phone don't need those updates. I'm glad that you think paying a company doesn't need to update the software on a phone even after paying hundreds of dollars for the latest phone. If that's the way you think then your better off buying a 3 year old phone and saving money. Tell that to all those people who switched to ios because they receive timely updates. Good for you. I'll stick with a company that actually updates their phones.

Right, because unnecessary updates are your priority in a smart phone.

My Note 3 works great now, why f*ck with it?. Updates are not the priority for most users and I doubt many people switched to iPhone for 'timely updates'.

If updates were unnecessary then their wouldn't be any. And new features of course are unnecessary but are always fun and add new functions. If you don't like updates then great, but many people here love new features and like to have the latest. Companies like samsung love people like you that are satisfied with paying hundreds for a phone and don't care about updates since they don't have to work hard anymore after release and can then turn around and sell you another phone to get the new updates.

Then go buy a developer phone and stop trying to push your philosophy on to everyone. If everyone was like you, companies would be scrambling to get updates out. They are not because only a few people care. The Nexus and GPE phones fill that niche. Go enjoy it.

I'm not trying to push anything on anybody. I'm just stating an opinion that I feel strongly about. At this point it will be a waste of time to continue this conversation. I'll be enjoying android L soon.

Many people no doubt also love the bugs and other problems those updates tend to cause, but okay it's everybody's own business. I haven't updated my Note3 to the crappy KitKat and I absolutely love the phone. I have zero problems with it what so ever.

Have you used an iPhone 4 with ios7? Guessing not because if you had you would realise some phones should not be updated


Heck if that's your reason for not wanting updates you might as well not buy a new phone at all. Most phones have security problems, its just a matter of a smart hacker to find it and exploit it. The reason there are updates many times is to resolve an exploit that has been found. Sorry but I'm going to continue looking forward to new updates especially when google releases android L and if samsung doesn't update to android L for a year or more than I will just not buy their phones. It's as easy as that. In fact that's the reason I stopped using samsung after the galaxy note 2 and switched to nexus and then the Oneplus one and now LG since they are doing good with updating their phones.

Not buy a phone at all... Please try to limit the scope of conversation to reality please. He is not talking about a fear of software, just a why fix what is not broken philosophy instead of buggy updates.

The scope of reality is most updates DON"T bring bugs or issues. Most work fine. I actually mess up my sentence typing on this small keyboard. I mean not buy a NEW phone at all. Just stick with what you have.

Someone doesn't know how to count/do basic math... The S4 was released on 26 April 2013. That's only 15 months or 1.6 years ago. Hardly the "past two year window" that you claim. Retard.

The infamous "squidy 20"......set out to destroy all things richard

I did a little research on Richard the other day just out of curiosity and saw that you and him have quite the history. One thread I came across on "android and me" about 2 years old was dedicated you and him. A few were even claiming you two were the same person, lol

Maybe you two are destined to navigate the android forum landscape together......

I think you guys are destined to

Not the same person. I think I would kill myself if I were as stupid, self centered, and willfully ignorant as he is.

I'm ready to see it although I waited for this for sometime to upgrade my mint condition Note 2, I think I will pass on buying expensive high end phones. I have better things to waste my money on.

From my Note 2 to you

Ok it said get ready to smile with somebody's face half way in the water, so should have some kind of water resistance.

Must.... Resist..... No more Samsung phones..... Need 5" or biggest moto or a nexus with decent camera.... No more Samsung with bloated software, cheap build quality and weak radios.... No, no no no no Samsung I will not come willingly again!

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I can't comment on other Samsung products, but there's nothing cheap about the build quality of the GS5.

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Yeah, but there's nothing really premium about it either. That being said, the alleged photos of the Note 4 with the Galaxy Alpha-esque metal band look great. I still won't support Samsung devices, however.

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Whoo! Another phone that punishes developers and makes everything that is easier on many other phones (rooting, installing roms, developing, etc) unnecessarily harder. I recognize that this doesn't affect the wide majority of people, but if you are someone who does or has participated in the rooting/romming community, please stop supporting Samsung devices and buy elsewhere.

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Your Msg Is Falling On Deaf Ears...
Development is just fine for the S5.. and will be for the Note 4 as well.
Most of the readers here are just Wanna-Be geeks and Water Cooler Showoffs.. That have no idea how to sideload using a command line.. and are scared to death to even consider rooting.. These are the "You only have a 720P resolution phone? mine is 1080P and you can't see any pixels when you hold it 2 inches from your eyeballs" because that's what the reviewer's told us...

Yeah I said nothing about sideloading with a command line. Also, I'm relatively good at it, so your point honestly has no standing. The development for the S5 and the Note 3 have lagged behind other devices due to bootloader locks on certain carriers, Samsung not selling an unlocked or dev edition, and Knox. That's an objective fact and many people who own S5s would agree.

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It's not samsung that locks the phone down. It's verizon and att. Sprint and tmobile samsng phones are just fine for rooting and doing whatever else you want to do to them.

A thought from a real user.. I bought a palm pre about a month after launch, my first smart phone, before that I only had Nextel phones and I hacked ipods at the time. I bought the pre because of the ease of customizability and because it was open. I hated how locked down the I products were even though they really were the best out at the time.
After the pre I bought the evo 4g and the main reason was 4g and the screen size. I'm not a huge guy but I want as much screen as I can get. After the evo 4g I bought the evo3d and was eventually warrantied out to the evo lte and then I purchased the m7, I love the boomsound speakers!
I honestly can't believe it took anyone this long to release dual front facing speakers I've been waiting forever!!
I normally don't like samsung phones (I prefer their tvs hands down) but since the note series launched it always piqued my interest. I don't know how often I would use the pen but the fact that it's available and actually useful is what really attracts me. I could care less for touchwiz and if htc would release something very competitive to the note I would probably get that instead as sense has really come around.
Having said that I'm really considering the note 4 for the pen option and the screen size.

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I was in a similar boat. Bought a used note 3 a month ago and I am glad I did. Size is awesome. I barely use the pen, but when I need it, it's great. Had a busted cabinet door, took a pick, marked up the dimensions with s pen and texted it to the cabinet guy.

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I'm happy with my Galaxy Note 3 nothing is better than that even at this moment.

But my Galaxy Note 3 becomes my back up to the Galaxy Note 4 bought on October 3rd with the Galaxy Gear Solo.

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To be honest, there is only two boats. One is the new Note4 launching from the shipyard and other is the Note3.

For those who want to use it for fast note taking, what choice is there REALLY?

Ready for the note 4 they ask?
Is the note 4 or even the note 3 ready for tap to pay with Google wallet?
And the answer is?......... Crickets

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Yes, my S3 is on life support and I'm waiting to decide between this and the S5. On the bright side, I should get it really cheap, I'm in discounted upgrade zone for ATT since it's been over 2 years since I got my S3.

Had a Note 2, have a Note 3, will get a Note 4. When I first got the Note 2 I almost took it back. Damn it was big. Then after about 5 days, snap, it was perfect. I wouldn't go back to anything smaller. Is it perfect? No. But size is not a problem.

I keep wondering when this will be available... The ads ask "are you ready to note?" on 9/3 - could this mean it will be announced AND made available on 9/3? Maybe that's why they are having multiple events? A boy can dream...

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