Samsung Fascinate update

When we broke the news that the DL09 maintenance update for the Samsung Fascinate broke emergency calling for some while using a lockscreen pattern, the moaning began. "It'll take them months to push this out," many a reader cried.

You were wrong.

Verizon and Samsung are about to push EA28, which fixes the emergency calling thing and includes everything else from the DL09 update (minus the bug). Will it fix any other complaints you guys have had with DL09? We'll see. And, Verizon, we haven't forgotten about Froyo. [Verizon via Android Central Forums]


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Samsung and Verizon pushing fix for the Fascinate's emergency calls, other issues


Hey guys we have a small problem with emergency calls, want to fix that or get to that whole Froyo thing we've been puting off for 6 mothes?...Let's do the small fix that'll keep everyone off our back for awhile, people don't care about froyo anyway.

I'd imagine if not updating to Froyo was in violation of the law they'd jump to update it just as quickly.

I'm wondering the same thing. Verizon I don't want your crappy VCast program to try and install when I plug in my Fascinate

Yeah, Like you guys, I'm hoping it fixes the mounting problem.

Anyone know when this is gonna start pushing? I'm not flipping out about this one like I was with the last, lol. But it's nice to see that at least someone over in Sammy's lab cares about us Fascinate users.

Plus, if I FLASHED the DL09 update, would I still be able to get this one OTA?

My Frustrate is completely back to stock and in a box waiting to be sent back to VZW tomorrow never to be seen again. I'm now rocking an Incredible and by the end of the month I will be carting around a Thunderbolt. I was done with Moto after the locked bootloader and 2.1 disaster on the X, and I'm done with Samsung FOREVER.

NO we won't give you Froyo but hey here is another BS maint. rel. that we can rush out.

Doesn't make sense if they can rush this out why can't they hurry up with our froyo!

Hopefully they will include a fix for the double caps thing with swype....

Just installed it. Emergency call working, the person I talked to seemed a little put out though that I was testing my phone! USB mounted just fine but still opens browser on PC and tries to get you to download media manager crap.

I am rooted and have renamed all bloatware apk's so they don't show in my applications. Rather than going in and reversing those out, updating and re-renaming can I just ignore this update since I don't use the emergency calling or will it eventually push to my phone OTA?

To answer my own question, the update pushed to my phone automatically and un-rooted it but all of my removed bloatware remained frozen. I just had to run the v02 fascinate root much like I did after the DL09 update and everything is right with the world. I'm starting to wonder how long I can hold out knowing my phone is 2-3 OS's behind though...

Number of times I have needed to make an emergency call on my Fascinate: 0. Number of times I have needed Flash support on my Fascinate: Too many to count.
Fix the problems people actually care about. LET'S GO FROYO.

Number of times I have needed to make an emergency call on my Fascinate: 0. Number of times I have needed Flash support on my Fascinate: Too many to count.
Fix the problems people actually care about. LET'S GO FROYO.

I just saw a screen forcing the update upon my phone. I clicked "OK" but when the EA28 update installed itself on my phone, it locked my phone into a cycle of trying to install it again and again. The baseband version shows S:i500.04 V.EA28 but the update keeps trying to install itself. It gives a Prompt to Install-Reboots Phone-Prompt to Install-Reboot Phone... I managed to get it to stop for a little while by scheduling a deferral of the update until tomorrow. Does anyone know how I can keep the update from trying to install?

I'm quite sick of Samsung and Verizon. I should've kept my HTC Droid Eris. I bought the Fascinate EXPECTING an update to Froyo, but yet here I am a year later and still no 2.2 :( My GPS NEVER works, touchwiz is a horrible excuse for a UI, and last but not least, I'm sick of this damn phone silencing itself! I've missed several important phone calls (my fiancé is currently deployed) because the phone volume somehow, silences itself. I work for Best Buy Mobile and absolutely do not recommend this phone to anyone who likes Google.

This will be my last Samsung product. You cannot convince me it takes this long to update an OS system. I dislike Apple but when Jobs said one of the biggest problems with the Android system is it takes forever to get it updated. I have to agree with him(as much as I hate to.) Also, when it comes to MicroSoft they to are terrible but they update with regularity.

I don't use (so far) pattern lock on my Fascinate. Do you recommend that I download this update? I don't it want to mess up anything else like USB mounting.

I was rooted and everything was running fine before the update. I just attempted to run a program requiring root today for the first time since the update and it wouldn't load the program. I've deduced that I'm no longer rooted... but also when I try to re-root my phone the root fails after the automatic phone restart... HELPP!!!!