Motorola Xoom at Sam's Club

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you see here supposedly is a display at a Sam's Club trainer store (a faux store where they show real stores how it's done) with a Wifi-only Motorola Xoom. At least, that's what the display says. No telling when it might actually be coming, and considering the price tag shows it running Android 2.0 "Homeycomb" -- there's a Photoshop contest waiting to happen -- well, we'll just have to see, won't we.

As for the $539 price? We'd still like to see a sub-$500 listing, but it's certainly a little more in the ballpark. [Droid-Life via Android Central Forums]


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Sam's Club prepping to sell Wifi-only version of Xoom with 'Homeycomb'


Eh? Pass...think I'll just keep waiting/praying for the LG-Gslate to get priced and sold before I jump on the tablet bandwagon (not that the Xoom is awful...but I hate Motorola most people hate Hitler and Apple).

It'll probably cost even more especially given the preliminary postings on international shopping sites.

That's probably due to the "3D" option. Honestly, everything about the LG tablet looked so good until that came up. Exactly how much would we be paying for this feature? I don't even want it -- at all. They say it's the future and we use 3d in movies; but even at the movies, those glasses annoy the heck out of me and watching 3d strains my eyes after a long period of time.

I think everyone would agree it's somewhat cool but $800-1000 cool? I don't think so. Maybe a max of $20-50 extra.

I was thinking that after having played with the Xoom, but I noticed the G-Slate/Optimus Pad had a similar UI quirk in Phil's hands-on video from MWC. Panning homescreens is only fluid while the device is rightside-up and not in any other orientation. If that performance quirk crossed devices, I bet many others do as well.

Honeycomb needs work yet. The latest and greatest overpriced tech being thrown at it hasn't quite done the trick yet, it appears.

Unless the wifi version of the 10.1 Galaxy Tab is overpriced, I'm going to be waiting for that.

Why? I understand everyone wanted a USB style charge... but to be honest it charges sooooo fast when you plug it into the wall charger and the battery lasts forever, I have no issues.

I was initially annoyed about the non-standard charger. However, it does charge the xoom quickly and it is not too bulky, so i've learned to live with it. About the only think I really don't like about it now is that it feels like it's about to detach from the device --- the plug in to the Xoom feels loose.

More practically I can't be sure that there is a substirute around if I misplace, or forget to bring it with me.

i'll wait for a company to release a range of 16gb,34gb & 64gb out the gate with Wifi & Android OS, with more than 10k available apps for me to sink my teeth into. Until then sorry Android tablets you wont receive my money, nor my friends & family. the only apple product i support is my Ipod 4Gen, nothing more or less.

Still waiting on toshiba to price and release theirs as it has advantages over the xoom IMO.
Much better though. Will now consider it with this price where I never would for $800

LOL!!!! "Homeycomb"!!! I guess that Sam's club employee has that word in his spell check dictionary for back in the day when he had a fro!!! ;-)

Geez, Phil, top of the line technology, and you just expect them to give it away? I'll grant that the 3g/4g price is expensive, but $600 is a great price, and $540 is too good to be believed. And you want even cheaper?

It's not insane to ask for it to be cheaper. Apple has a cheaper iPad than this. It's 16Gb. I imagine moto could drop a XOOM 16gb for $450 if this pricing is indeed true.

Ok, now let's be logical here people. "IF" that price of $539 is correct...that's a STEAL. I mean seriously,'re getting a tablet with better specs and features (including DOUBLE the memory 32GB, PLUS extendability to 64GB). I swear most of you hate to hate, and it's absolutely retarded. You are all seriously bitching and moaning about $40??? The iPad STARTS at $499 for 16GB with no option to upgrade the memory. Has basic logic really left the world?

Retarded huh? I fail to see were one hopes for a cheaper price is called retarded. Calling names does not help your cause my friend. I for one am happy if it is indeed $539 and not what the other prices we have been hearing. Still I can hope for cheaper price with out being called a retard?

Hate to hate being retarded? Yeah, that's retarded. Guess you should read better. On another level if I were to call someone retarded for wanting something cheaper (which I never said), it would be retarded in this case because they are demanding something with equal or greater technology than the 16GB iPad2 for LESS. Do they not teach business economics in school anymore?

Who is demanding? It is only a 'hope'. Cant you read? Did they stop teaching reading skills in school???

Yup, I can read. Nowhere did you say 'hope'. You said "It's not insane to ask for it to be cheaper", which is consumer demand. Now, my response of demand was not a direct attack to your response, you just happend to be the one I clicked respond to as part of the thread. It's really sad you are taking this so personal.

trenen, note who you're replying to (you're quoting E_man while arguing with jarobusa). funny you're telling them to read better when you can't do that well yourself. and why do you need to try insulting people for having their opinions on the matter?

im sure they're more interested in seeing android tablets compete at the same price point, than to save $40. if they could, then it's easy to see the xoom beats the ipad2.

lets not forget that everything apple sells has an apple tax (compare prices of an apple computer to a PC w/same specs)

Sams Club wants you to think you're getting a deal but they've got to charge for the included case. Still a far better price than the 3G version.

Please, God, send us the Wi-Fi XOOM!!! The iPad just sold on ebay and I'm ready to spend spend spend!

Better price than I expected, but I'm anti-Motorola after 18 years of using Motorola phones- as soon as I started using their smartphones I realized how shitty their support is.

On contract with whom? You home ISP? lol.

This is a wifi only version. There is nobody to pay monthly bills to.

Hah, my bad. I didn't catch the "wi-fi" part of the logo until I followed the source link. It was originally meant as a facetious notion in the first place based on the erroneous notion that we were guessing what it was based on the price tag.

*buries head in sand*

Its still just an overpriced toy. Tablets are STUPID and I cant believe people are buying these things. Anything more than $200 is just pissing money away for something that does NO serious computing. And to the people who are paying extra on their cell! Lets re-evaluate the "retard" comments.........just sayin......

Here's an idea, if you think they're dumb don't buy one! Sure it's a toy to some but others will use it for productive purposes.

Just think of ask those "stupid"pink Cadillacs that Mary Kay hands out...

Here's the deal. If you work in places without wifi, the 3g/LTE edition is not a toy. There is so much that can be done with this on the cloud and with Docs to Go and Google Docs, your pretty much able to do any editing to spreadsheets. So for me, this beats carrying around my MacBook Pro. Plus with the apps that will arrive, it will have even more function. Plus Tablets are all about media consumption and if you don't want one don't get it.

Of course people will always hope for a better price, lower is ALWAYS better.

Having said that, $540 for this beast is an absolute steal. The "equivalent" iPad is just another proprietary device from apple. The Xoom is essentially a touch screen computer. You can do WHATEVER you want with it. Anything. For the power this sucker is packing and how big the touch screen is, $540 is a small price to pay.

i see my comment was rated down, but please explain to me why this xoom is better than any other tablet out there. it's 2011 and a Tablet is only as good as it's APPS, just like a cell phone. How many Honeycomb apps does Android have that will make you want to purchase this. Because all i see is people talk about specs. How about Productivity? and what is wrong with asking for variety when it comes to storage. Not everyone needs 32gb. i would be more than happy with a 16Gb, my Htc Hero(waiting on upgrade) has 4gb SD card & that's mainly filled up with music.

Yeah, and we know there are absolutely no apps in the android market for cell phones. The apps are coming for android tablets. The Samsung Gtab was the G1 the Motorola Xoom is the Droid. And as far as productivity, check out Documents to Go. And this thing multitasks so yeah, it can be very productive.

okay wait wait wait WAIT. hold the freaking phone here.

Walmart (who own Sams Club..just incase you didnt know. which i doubt anyone didnt) has enough money to build FAKE STORES just to train their dipshit moronic idiot employees....

....and by the way...if you think your local Walmart is big....for those of you who havent been in a Sams Club, its about twice the size-at least...

....but yet they refuse to PAY their employees a decent wage (sorry, six bucks an hour to be s legal slave for 12 hours a day is not decent) and they REFUSE to pay for any benefits to the employee.....

...maybe they should cut the fuck back on these "trainer stores" and actually invest the money in PAYING THEIR EMPLOYEES SOMETHING (it actually boils down to roughly 4 bucks an hour...once you take out taxes and everything Walmart withholds)....

jesus h christ...Walmart is the antichrist...

it may be the "antichrist" to you, but they have some great prices.
also i thought the federal minimum wage was $7.50/hr, at least that's what i was told my senior year in high school back in 2007. also the people who work there can just stand up & not take it,,,

This isn't a "trainer store." I know, because I saw this display with my own eyes. Also, a Sam's Club on average is nowhere near the size of a Walmart store. Furthermore, compared to Target and the other competition, Walmart Stores, Inc. pays more than any other retailer, and with better benefits (depending, of course, upon your role as an Associate) -- and, unlike other retailers, shares profits with all Associates.

But I'm sure you had fun writing your comment.