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It's been known about for sometime, and teased recently, but today sees Rovio Mobile's latest creation, Amazing Alex, finally hit the Google Play Store. There are three 'versions' to choose from, a free, ad-supported version, a paid version coming in at $0.99/£0.64, and a HD version for $2.99/£1.93. 

Despite the teasers we've already seen, what we hadn't seen until this point was some actual gameplay. Amazing Alex is a physics based puzzle game, which sees you creating all kinds of funky chain reactions using various objects. Often, this involves knocking stuff over. Set across four different settings, there are 100 levels to be had initially, and, knowing Rovio, probably as many still to come in future updates. 

It starts off really simple, but in a good way, as you're guided through the opening few levels to help you get a grip on the gameplay, and the controls. The controls are really straight forward, it's as easy as picking up objects, moving them, rotating them, very simple to get the hang of. 

It looks great too. We've sprung for the HD version, and it's so bright and colorful it'd be hard not to love it. It's literally just dropped, so we're only just getting into it, but first impressions are good. This is sure to be another hit for Rovio. We've dropped you guys some handy download links to all three versions below, and after the break you'll find the official trailer, as well as a few screenshots we've thrown in for good measure. Hit us up in the comments if you give this a try, and let us know your thoughts. 

Download: Amazing Alex Free, Paid, HD

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Rovio's latest creation, Amazing Alex, now available in Google Play


Richard, what version of the game are you running on your GNex? I'm trying to decide which version to buy.

Edit: Nevermind, it says that you guys went for the HD version.

Did your writers learn English?

Three is more than one so it is plural.

It should be "there are three".

Similarly, "theres 100" is also wrong. If it was correct it should contain an apostrophe but it should be "there are 100" as it too is plural.

I daresay you would be one of the first to complain if software didn't work due to sloppy coding. If you complained to the software house I doubt if you would be happy if they told you to "Get a life".

Someone who calls themself a writer should know how to write. Some people just don't know better or don't care. You probably fall into both categories!

For some reason, i'm reading your comment with a British accent. You just seem like a typical Brit.

Btw, you forgot a comma: "If you complained to the software house, I doubt..." :P

"Someone who calls themself a writer should know how to write. Some people just don't know better or don't care. You probably fall into both categories!"

If you're going to criticize someone's grammar, don't make up words. "Themself" is not a word. "Himself" or "herself" are both appropriate. "Them" is plural, "self" is singular.

I'm being a douche, but that's what you get.

Free version is not the whole game with ads unlike angry birds. Its only the first few levels. Must buy it for all levels which kinda stinks.

I suspect that Rovio has found that they make more money simply selling the game outright than giving away the "ad supported" version. Particularly given the prevalence of ad blocking software on rooted Android phones.

Frankly, .99 cents (or 2.99 for HD) is a very small price to pay for a good mobile game. Particularly ones as good as the ones Rovio has put out so far. I personally have WEEKS worth of play into Angry Birds, first on webOS and now on Android. For the few dollars I paid for it I've gotten my money's worth many times over. How many times have you gone to the movies and paid far more for much less enjoyment? Just pony up the money. It's a small price to pay for hours upon hours of good clean fun.

(Yes, I just bought the HD version for my GNex. I walk the talk.)

Totally agree, I am going to download the free version and if I like it I'll pony up for the HD version. If its one thing that Xbox Arcade proved is that demos work. I would love to see more developers offering a free demo version of their apps that give an idea of the full functionality of the application.

This attitude is ridiculous. 0.99 for 100 levels of a highly polished game and free updates for life. This is all for less than a cup of coffee. How are developers expected to put out quality games for free? Could you gather enough resources to make four iterations of Angry Birds and Amazing Alex with no capital?

Is the HD version only for tablets or is it for smartphones with HD screens too? Is the regular paid version as good as the HD version on smartphones with HD screens?

I bought the HD version for my Galaxy Tab 8.9, but it also lists my Evo 3D phone as an available device. I haven't tried it on my phone yet, but I assume it would work.

I know! I was pretty excited for this, but it would be *much* better on a tablet than a phone, so the fact that it's not compatible with my Transformer is really disappointing. I'll hold off until they release a compatible update.

Just so you know, I side loaded it from my Thunderbolt and it works fine on the Prime. I wouldn't spring for the HD version though; It doesn't look any different than the free one.

FYI everyone, if you downloaded a certain free app of the day from Amazon last week, you should have gotten a dollar credit for an MP3. If you contact them, they will switch the credit to be used for an app. I did that this morning and got Amazing Alex Premium, virtually for free. The game is much deeper than it initially appears.