Rogers Samsung Infuse 4G

Rogers has been on a roll as of late when it comes to updating their Android line-up of devices. Last night in Toronto they held the launch party for the Samsung Infuse 4G and today, Future Shop has outed the pricing of the soon-to-be released device. $149 is what you'll be looking at should you decide to agree to a new 3-year contract but if contracts aren't really your thing, then you'll be looking to hand over $550.  That said; keep in mind the Samsung Galaxy S II is starting to arrive at Bell and Virgin Mobile retail shops all across Canada and only costs $50 more off contract.

Source: Future Shop; via: Mobile Syrup


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Rogers Samsung Infuse 4G gets priced at $150 by Future Shop


How does that work again? Oh, it's the $49 subsidized price with an AT&T contract...which won't do you much good in Canada. :)

What the article failed to tell you is if you get the Galaxy S2 from Bell, you'll have to pay $599 + $50 One month contract (they will not sell it to you outright even though you're paying the full price) then you'll have to unlock it (a fee for that) to use it anywhere else.

In the end with tax, it will be cheaper for you to buy an unlocked Galaxy S2 from a distributor and have it shipped in. That way you don't have to deal with Bell's BS rules.