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Reminders and a new UI coming to the Google Keep app, your update is rolling out slowly

Google has updated the Keep service with some new functionality, allowing us to now set reminders based on time or location right from the Android app, website, or Chrome extension. Once a reminder is set and saved in your Google account, you'll receive a notification when it is triggered on your Android.

Like Google Now reminders (we're pretty sure it's the same service, and first sign of the death of Google Tasks) you can tell the Keep app what time to remind you of something, or tell it to remind you when you get somewhere, like the grocery store or work. You can set things to happen at a specific time, like 3:30PM for instance, or something more general like Thursday morning. 

In addition to the new reminders feature, the Keep app is getting the same Google overhaul we've seen the other high-profile apps get. Hamburger menu, account switching and an updated new note interface round things out nicely.

If you're a Google Keep user, keep an eye out for the update that's slowly rolling out to all users. You can check using the Google Play link above. The Chrome extension update can be found here, and you can access Google Keep on the web via your Google Drive account here. Follow through the break for some screenshots.

Source: Google Drive Blog. Thanks, Jonathan!


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Reminders come to Google Keep, Android app update rolling out


Jerry, you should not buy a Corvette if you win. You should buy us all a new Nexus phone or tablet!

That being said, that Keep update is very welcomed. Now all I want to see is :

- Note/List sharing
- Labels/Folders

Once this is done, I ditch Evernote for good.

Definitely needs sharing capability. It's supposed to be based on Google Drive so sharing shouldn't be too difficult and would be so useful.

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Along with an "Undo" function. How many times have I deleted something in error for it to be lost forever

Sorry, I meant to type apk, not app. Am wondering where I might go to get the apk now without waiting for the rollout.

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Cool! This is of the things I was hoping would come to keep. Will this integrate with Google now?

EDIT: Just read the article. Let's hope it's the same.

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Hehe...... love it! Post comment, then read article. (I do what I want!)

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Location reminders?

Is that like when you say OK Google Now remind me when at Home Depot to pick up some lightbulbs?

If so, the redundancy spells doom for one or the other of these features, as they are likely to get "spring cleaned" out of existence.

I don't think so. For one, the Google Now reminders don't work on the desktop (yet?) plus Keep reminders can be tracked and archived. Google Now reminders disappear forever IIRC.

not necessarily redundant. i think ideally the two services would inform each other. Google Now is in many ways just the Voice portal for other google services, such as search. That would be a natural integration IMO.

Death of Google Tasks! Not that I have a problem with "Keep" but I hope they don't change how Tasks work from within Gmail on the desktop. That simple checklist applet is perfect for my workflow.

I too use tasks everyday. If they could tie the two together, or at least get a way to move my Tasks lists to Keep (maybe there is???) i also use the "Tasks" app by Bitspin on my phone extensively, with of course the two tied together.

I use GTasks. I'm amazed Google never took Google Tasks up a couple levels. Maybe they didn't want to destroy other online task management systems too quickly.

My same concerns. Keep still just does not do it for me.

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Keep is getting better but still nit there yet.

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I am a keep user, love it. I also use Google Now for reminders. I assume they are the same service, so when I add a reminder with voice on google now will I be able to view and edit it through keep?

Until they add recurring reminders I don't think apps like have anything to worry about.

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Google should just swipe's "Moment" plan and remind system. I don't find to be fluid or functional enough beyond that.

The problem with evernote is that you must pay for it to work when you don't have a cellular signal.

If keep provided folders (and bulleted lists)... oh man, I'd totally drop Evernote.

There is something awkward and fiddly about using evernote. (and I never trust that it is syncing up correctly because it relies on a signal... I want it on both my phone's memory *and* in the cloud.)

Keep is also, of course, thoroughly baked into your Google system.

Hopefully, this update indicates that this service will stick around.

I hope Google eventually add a Skitch drawing type feature to Keep. I feel a bit sorry for Evernote as they've done nothing wrong, but Google are definitely eating into their space.

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I'd imagine for some it has but keep is still has some ways to go before it catches up with Evernote.

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I'm an HTC EVO 4g LTE user andwith all of Sprint's towers (startin to really doubt that),why is my EVO 4g constantly telling me : " can not connect to server?" Did they do what television stations did to the general population & sell out to didgital cable & launch 4g before they were completely capable? actually