Sprint event in New York City

Just a reminder, folks, that we'll be at Sprint's event tonight in New York City. It's one of those rare occasions where we really don't have much of an idea of what's going to be announced -- heck, it might not even be Android. That said, BusinessWeek (via PhoneScoop) believes we'll at least see some sort of Kyocera Android phone -- we're hoping (really, really hoping) that's not all Sprint has up its sleeve, along with appearances by illusionist David Blaine and CEO Dan Hesse, of course..

But join us tonight as we find out, live.


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Reminder: We're at Sprint tonight; Kyocera hardware rumored to appear


They better have a phone made by Thor to beat the rest of the carriers out there. This will be exciting.

No matter what HP presents it will be webos based and therefore will have no app development this being irrelevant. Despite being the best OS on the market webos is doomed because of a failed launch. Oh and I am a former iPhone owner to webos now on android. I left the iPhone for the pre bcuz of the promise it showed but never realized. I chose the Evo bcuz I want no part of IOS now that I freed myself.

I have to agree with you guys. I think this event is going to be a dissapoinment. Kyocera? Really? I know they make phones, low end phones at that, but they also make printers. But what could be an industry first?? Maybe a 3G/4G wifi printer running android 3.0 so you can print docs or web pages on the fly? Whatever...I love Sprint, but they need to get help with their phone selection.

That would be great! I work IT for a copier company that sells Kyocera finally people would stop bitching that the machine isn't wireless.

BTW Kyocera copiers suck too.....Konica all the way!

I'm still sticking with my original prediction of a SVDO announcement. The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon specs leaked this will be a possibility with that phone on that network. But Sprint having this "official" announcement of "an industry first", could mean simultaneous voice and data over existing 3G before the Thunderbolt's release date (Feb 14).

I really don't think this is the big announcement. I think Sprint would have a couple of announcements tonight, with Kyocera as one of them. A Kyocera Android/and or W7 phone is not an industry first, anyway you look at it. Even if it got Gingerbread, it is still not an industry first. Makes me think that Sprint is going to announce some of there new phones and then they will spring onto the crowd the new industry changing device or even a new industry changing plan. If this event is only about a Kyocera phone, which is not 3D, than it is a major fail for Sprint, and they will get lambasted by the media.

Hopefully Sprint will touch on why my Epic 4g doesn't have a 3g Data Connection today and only 4g Data works...my battery will be dead by lunch!

Making the impossible possible: iOS running on another manufacturer's hardware.

I'm gonna put 50 imagination dollars on that.

Sprint's gonna have to come with it! The evo was/is a winner! We're at the point now where phones run pretty smooth and fast. Especially if ya runnin' cm7!!!

If they do not announce a follow-up for Evo, and by this I mean a really nice phone from HTC, I think I will be jumping ship soon... I have no interest in a crap phone from Kyocera. Who would buy into a Kyocera Android handset? I will stick with my Evo until my contract runs out, and probably go to Verizon. I really really hope this Kyocera rumor is just that, a rumor. Sprint please do not disappoint me.

I'm brand-agnostic. Who was HTC before they started kicking ass with EVO-like phones? I had never heard of them.

What kind of phones did you have before sidekicks or Nextels? Becuase if you had a SMARTPHONE it probably was WinMO and HTC single handedly kept winMO ALIVE. So please.

All I know is that between now and CTIA, Sprint had better announce Android phone beyond the jumbophones and sliders that seem to be their metier. I have no interest in a dealing with the thickness of a slide-out keyboard or the width of a 4.3" screen. Something like something like a CDMA Optimus 2x would be perfect.

I'm not getting my hopes up though. The one speculation for an "industry first" that really appeals to me is Josh Topolsky's: that Sprint will announce package plans for phones and tablets. The trend of Android tablets to launch on carriers with no wifi-only version only makes sense if 3/4G versions don't require a second contract.

The device, called the Echo, features two 3.5-inch touch screens that can be stacked side by side to form a pseudo-tablet design. Users can accomplish multiple tasks on the two screens, or drag items from one screen to the other. The phone, which runs on Google Inc.'s Android software, uses a pivot hinge that allows one screen to be tucked under the other, transforming it into a more conventional touch-screen phone.

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405274870442220457613002051045663...


I just saw the wsj article too. If it's just a dual screen, Sprint's going to lose even more business.

Sprint needs to stop with the gimmick and just give us the LG Optimus 2X, 3D or comparable.

You guys expect any different from Sprint?? Have they EVER had anything that people would run too???

Glad to be wrong. I should've noticed the Symbian UI.

I still have no interest in a dual-screen device, unless Kyo can show me something beyond what I can imagine. Let's see if Sprint can, in fact, make the impossible possible.

Somebody posted that they are going to finally roll the Froyo update out for the Epic. When? Tonight?

I just called support again - and again they tried to take me to a link w/ instructions on rooting my POS Epic. Frightening that a support tech would provide instructions on how to void the warranty.

I hope that Dan Hesse realizes how angry some of us are over this ridiculous delay. Samsung takes the initial blame but Sprint has had the source code for long enough to get Froyo out.

Probably not renewing contract w/ Sprint
Will never ever buy another Samsung

Epic owners want their FROYO!!!!!!!!!
We better not have to wait forever for Gingerbread