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Heads up -- registration for Google IO 2012 will begin tomorrow, March 27, at 7 a.m. PDT. And if previous years are any indication, it'll probably end well before 8 a.m. Last year's tickets sold out in under an hour, so if you want to take part in Google's big developer conference in San Francisco this June, you'll need punctuality, luck and a few hundred bucks to spare.

A general attendee ticket will set you back $900 -- up from $450 last year --, while academics (students and faculty) will be able to purchase tickets for $300 -- up from $150. Google's got a few rules to follow, too -- only one ticket can be purchased per person, and it's up to Google to approve any ticket transfers. You'll also need access to Google+ and Google Wallet to register.

There's no shortage of rumors surrounding possible hardware that Google and its partners may be showing off (and perhaps giving away), but IO is about more than the swag. It's the place to meet developers and Googlers, and learn about the future direction of Android and other Google products, as well as how they all work under the hood. There's also the big official party, a giant wall of candy and bugdroids around every corner.

The conference runs from on June 27-29 at Moscone West in SOMA. We'll be there, of course, so keep watching our Google IO landing page for more developments as the event approaches.

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Reminder: Google IO 2012 registration kicks off tomorrow morning


just found this -

Oprah Moment, Take 2: Google gives an EVO 4G to everyone at I/O
Thursday, May 20th, 2010

What like in Google IO are sessions :) last year i mostly looked at Chrome sessions but since now i got Android phone i will check Android sessions too :)

Looks like everything is about $200 a night for the decent hotel brands from IHG and Hilton. Couple that with doubled registration fees I'm quite sure I could buy anything they're giving away with $900 and watch the sessions online for free post conference.

They say its to keep away people just going for free stuff but honestly the broke devs and app builders can't afford $900 + 2 or 3 nights hotel at $200 a night. Its turning into a corporate have your company pay for it affair at that point.

OH MAN!! I can't wait!! Especially because all the people in that photo look like they're having a blast!! Sign me up for that party!

The move of date fries me getting any chance for it plus the other cost. If it was in April or May I might of jumped on it and tried but having it in June kills it.