Foursquare update

Launch the app, and it basically says it. It's an all-new Foursquare app. OK, maybe not all ​new. You're not going to be lost trying to check into your favorite coffee shop. But, yes, the app now has a much-needed makeover. Big tabs. Big photos. A cleaner look. Better mapping. Better discovery. It's just better.

Snag it at the download link below.

Download: Foursquare for Android; More: Foursquare blog

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putertech says:

Was that an IPHONE in the video?

mikejs78 says:

The video shows the iPhone app. Fortunately, the Android app matches the style guide of Android 4.0... Glad that Foresquare realized that you can't just simply port an iPhone app to Android...

spaceosc says:

Whats the app showing the 75 on the top left corner of the HTC One X?

digink#AC says:

Because Stone Cold SAID SO!

carlosrey23 says:

That would be Weather Bug

Did they get rid of specials? When you go to Explore it just shows where your friends recommend, I don't see that you can select to search by Specials, etc. Without specials this is a pretty useless app to me

hoosiercub says:

Specials are still there, they don't seem to be as easily seen though.

miller7796 says:

Exactly, it takes a few extra steps now and requires you to go in to the location to see it. What I have to do:

1. Touch place to check in at
2. Touch place name again
3. Specials appear under contact info and pictures.

Not a very good setup if specials have anything to do with you choosing where to go.

Edit: You can find a list of nearby specials if you go in to Explore. Just be ready to do a lot of scrolling from all the images.

yea I'm not really digging the new look. It was nice to be able to see only places with specials to see if it worth going there over another nearby place.

davinwv says:

I'm not feeling the new design. It seems like change for the sake of change.

drathos says:

Not a bad UI makeover, but some of the features they showed in the vid for the iPhone version are missing/hidden in the Android version, like finding certain types of places (like the shopping near soho example they gave).

Nev says:

Anyone found the Pull To Refresh easter egg?

balthuszar says:

they've reset the check ins at places too...each place i've check in says it's my fist check in at that place...and they're all places i've been and checked into before...i'm all for free points...but still...

CrazyEyed says:

Is it just me, or does this app bare a striking resemblance to the facebook app?