With the Amazon Kindle Fire making its way to plenty of consumers hands, a lot of companies are working on making their apps compatible with the Kindle Fire. Once such company that has completed the process is Redbox.

If you've not already grabbed the Kindle Fire optimized version, you can do so now from the Amazon app store -- Redbox for the Kindle Fire is optimized for the devices larger screen size and tablet gestures allowing you to view trailers, reserve movies & games with ease.

Source: Amazon App Store

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Jonneh says:

Wow! This is great news for those who favor Redbox over Netflix!

However, let's not forget about quad-core phones and also even more importantly, how I am BLAZIN' on my Droid Charge @ 1300.....waiting for the beasts known as.......the quad-cores.....

(sorry, couldn't resist anymore).

bunsen says:


Jonneh says:

I guess you don't come to the comment sections of AC articles much. :)
It's an impersonation of poster "RaiderWill".

Suntan says:

The heck?

I guess I didn't even know there was a regular android Redbox app available. Good to have on my phone!


El Jefe says:

Yeah, the Redbox app is awesome! It is very handy to check availability of movies at different kiosks around down & even reserving them ahead of time. It's a hugh time saver.

azkevman says:

I see 2 versions of the Redbox app listed in the Amazon App store (One is Dated 10/19/2011 and the name is capitalized "Redbox", the other is dated 12/20/2011 and is not capitalized "redbox"). When I click on the link in this article (the 10/19/2011 version), that version says it is not compatible with my kindle fire. However this version (12/20/2011) of the app says it is compatible:

MrJedi says:

Thank you for posting the link. I think Chris Parsons may have started celebrating the weekend a little early with the bad link in the article :-P