We've seen facial recognition before on Android, but this is borderline ridiculous. In a prototype app from The Astonishing Tribe -- the behind-the-scenes maker of some of the coolest UIs out there -- you basically can snap a picture of someone and if they're in the database, be linked up to all of their social media accounts. Imagine snapping shots of random people on the street and instantly seeing what they've been up to. OK, that's a bit out there. But not really. No word if it'll recognize you with a tinfoil hat on. Video after the break. [Dvice via Geeky-Gadgets]


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Recognizr facial-recognition app takes big brother to another level


Thats not what it is Phil dont get carried away. U have to go in and set up that person from ur contacts and link the accounts to ur contacts. U cant just walk up to a random person and do it

From the looks of the video, it just shows him setting himself up within their system. Once he was in he could be recognized by anyone with that app. So if he were to walk up to a random person and "recognize" them they would show up if they entered them self into the database.

That would not be awesome if it did recognize without setup. That would require access to the worlds databases...local and state level law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA,...all of them plus+, and then I would start to fear, strongly, for my privacy.

WTF does facial have to do with big brother?? Seriously... stop smoking the weed bro... You're becoming WAAAAAAAAAY too paranoid...