Rdio acquires TastemakerX

On the heels of Google's acquisition of Songza to compete against Apple's $3 billion Beats Music deal, Rdio has announced that it is bringing TastemakerX under its umbrella. The deal will allow Rdio to offer better music discovery to its streaming audience.

San Francisco, California-based TastemakerX was originally founded to help artists connect with fans and enable listeners to discover new music.

"TastemakerX enables listeners to discover new music, build and listen to virtual collections, and view artists based on social discovery," Rdio said of its acquisition.

What's your favorite streaming music service today?

Source: Rdio


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Rdio's TastemakerX looks to compete with Google's Songza, Apple's Beats


Jeez, what's next? Spotify buying Slacker?

In all seriousness though these acquisitions are making me happy. I use Si many different music apps because each one is missing a feature that I love.

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1-5 million people in the US apparently. It is not a bad app at all and it is kinda "natural" that Samsung is the next to try and keep up.

My favorites are Songza and Google Play Music All Access. Songza is better if I just want to listen to music, but if I want to pick certain sings to listen to, I use Play Music. Also, I like Songza better than Google Play Music's All Access radio.

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Rdio is HANDS DOWN the best music streaming program out there. The UI, Catalog & Sound quality are to me what sets it apart from others. Google Play music is my 2nd choice.

I really don't understand what people see in the Beats Music......