Quickoffice update

Google purchased Quickoffice over the summer, but the popular productivity app isn't being put out to pasture just yet. In fact, Google's just given it an update that brings more integration into Google's own productivity suite, Google Drive.

With this update, when you have both GDrive and Quickoffice installed on one device — hardly out of the realm of possibility given that Quickoffice is a preload on many devices — Docs, Sheets and Slides (as in word, spreadsheets and presentations) will open up in Google Drive.

So the merging continues. We'll see how long it is before the Quickoffice name gets merged as well.


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Quickoffice update brings closer integration with Google Drive


IMO the missing piece is still password protection/encryption compatibility with MS Office documents. come on Google. in the meantime i will continue to use OfficeSuite Pro.

Too bad it still doesn't work... or at least on their own device lol. I have an open thread on the Doc forum about it not opening any of those documents unless they were made in Quickoffice. So your current Google Docs do not open through it at all.

Or more likely rebranded G Office or something similar and becomes the default (only?) Device side editing app and Drive just becomes a file manager

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Strange, but then I'm thinking that there's another update that hasn't hit my phone yet, and maybe it has the changelog from the last update... I dunno. I'm just saying that what was described above is what I got a month ago.

I'm not seeing any preinstalled gApps updates even though I'm on stock ROM, I still haven't got the hangouts update but I got Google keyboard

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Google's new QO will only open .docx, .xlxs and .pptx files adn not the older MS formats. For that you need QO Pro (if you still have that installed).

It's not perfect, but Google are getting there and it's likely that QO and Drive will merge into 1 app in the coming months.