Android 2.1+ Along with the update to Android 2.1 comes enhanced Exchange ActiveSync support. This is great news for business users, especially the enhanced security features. There is one thing that was bothering me about it, though, and even caused me to take my work e-mail off of my phone: the Exchange lock screen. On my Sprint HTC Hero with 2.1, having my work e-mail on my phone means that instead of a pattern unlock I had to use an alphanumeric password. This quickly got annoying, especially considering the phone locks when the screen goes off.

Then I found Lockpicker [market link]. It allows you to set your unlock pattern, add your Exchange e-mail account, and then enable Lockpicker. From the developer:

I just whipped an app together that disables the Exchange lock screen as soon as the server has enforced its policy by using a background service and an observer on the system setting. This requires no polling, scripting, etc. and survives reboots/enforcements.

So there you have it. That's all you do and the app does the rest. This has made my life just that much easier. There is also a donate version [market link] if you would like to help support the developer. Note: Your IT department might not be too happy with you if you use this. Don't say we didn't warn you.


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Android Quick App: Lockpicker


When I first upgraded my Eris to 2.1 this was so frustrating. I found Keyguard Disabler which worked most of the time. I tried using Touchdown instead of the default email client because you only needed to enter your password every so often and only when viewing emails, not whenever you unlock.

I was using lockbot pro and one of the recent updates seems to have added functionality to bypass the lock screen. In fact, I never even enter my password when I restart my phone and it all still works.