While at CES we had the privilege to present a number of companies at the Mobile Apps Showdown, a live (and online) competition to find the top apps on any of the major platforms. I was paired with Geodelic (formerly Sherpa), a location-based search program with a little trick up its sleeve. Find out what, after the break.

Geodelic's ace in the hole are its speed -- this thing is fast -- and its "relevance" engine. First, it figures out where you are and automatically populates search results. You don't have to input a thing. (But you can if you want.) From there it categorizes just about every business you might want to visit, and packages it in an intuitive manner. Categories include: Bars, movies, banks, grocery, shopping, beauty, arts, sports, gas, travel, vacation, in-a-pinch, kids and pets, services, dining, fast food and coffee.

You can view results as an attractive carousel, on a map, or as a list. And that's where the relevance engine kicks in, automatically filtering the results based on the type of business and how far away it is. That's not a huge issue if you're in your hometown, but it's a life-saver when you're at CES in Las Vegas, believe me. And as you use it, it learns your interests and creates a profile for you. It gets smarter so you don't have to.

Geodelic is available now in the Android Market for the low, low price of free, or you can download it from Geodelic.





Reader comments

Quick app: Geodelic


It's OK, but not as accurate as some of the other apps. I saw the WHERE app on a promo and have been using that one as my main search app.

Everything drains your battery now adays. Have you tried google navigation? This app is nice. It's easy to use. The information you get on the pages is much better than WHERE. The filter buttons on the top are sometimes hard to press.

I love Android. Every week there's something new and exciting to try and my phone is still running awesome installing everything. Going on a road trip tomorrow so I'll be trying this out.

I've been waiting for this app since I saw Sherpa on youtube
I like this for me it works well with WHERE and ALOQA....goodwork

Use Advanced task Killer on Apps. it will shut all non vital running programs with out shut down and it's free!

Wouldn't shut down gps after exit, had to reboot Eris to shut down gps. Am I doing something incorrect? Seems to have frozen my gps in the "on" position.

Looks great and quite useful.
As far as battery power goes... like stated before, just about everything is going to drain your battery one way or another.

I really like this app. I am a pretty picky eater Geodelic has adjusted to my pallate very nicely. Showing me places around me I would actually be interested in going. Very cool I think. Not to mention the UI looks great and is fun to use.

Enjoy using Geodelic for its quick discovery of places around me and relevant info about those places. Now I use this over my sprint telenav search feature.

It's a great app, however I prefer Where a little more.
also, try Advanced Task Manager. I think it's better than all the task killers as it incorporates quick uninstall feature as well.

Found Geodelic recently through a friend, had been using Where and didn't enjoy the UI at all. I felt like there was too much going on. Geodelic is creative with its interface and interactive with the user. It integrates basically everything I need when discovering my surroundings and a place that might interest me. I believe it comes down to preference when using these apps. Fortunately there are so many to choose from. Geodelic is my pick for location base discovery