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Two big players join over 200 other companies in supporting the leading wireless charging standard

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group behind the Qi wireless charging standard, has added two more companies to its board today. Adding to a laundry list of the biggest names in technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (an internal tech subsidiary of Samsung) and Microsoft both join the efforts of dozens of other companies to be on the cutting edge of wireless charging with Qi. It also has the backing of the four largest U.S. carriers, along with non-tech companies such as IKEA, and has generally been accepted as the leading wireless charging standard.

"Microsoft and Samsung Electro-Mechanics are important players in furthering Qi's adoption in more devices, cars, products, and places."

Said John Perzow of WPC, noting that over 40 million devices now utilize the Qi standard for wireless charging. Seeing the lead it has over competing standards as Qi is implemented in all leading smartphones in the last couple of years and branching out into products such as cars and furniture on the charger side, it's hard to see the WPC falling into second place at this point. These are just two more big players in a long line of companies that are pushing Qi as the defacto wireless charging standard.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium


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Qi charging standard adds Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Microsoft to its board


Starbucks at this point is must be paid quite well for backing the power mat group.

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Just for the record NO ANDROID USER should allow GOOGLE to determine what kind of day to day user experience you want to have for the device you paid for or the monthly bill you pay out as well.

´╗┐Kitkat 4.4.2 is a restricted update for all android devices that use secondary sdcard storage.

The way you're Note 3 works in conjunction with all your favorite third party applications and sdcard is something priceless on 4.3 Jellybean.

My Note 3 enjoys a smooth day to day experience on 4.3 Jellybean without any issues it would be silly to change that experience for restrictions and not on my watch.

If these links don't show why you stay away from Kitkat 4.4.2 on your S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or any android handset with sdcard storage then I don't know what to tell you´╗┐

(Plain and simple NOTHING beats SAMSUNG or TMOBILE PERIOD Posted from my 4.3 Jellybean Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App)

Yeah, it's a real pity that Google are getting away with more or less forcing manufacturers to drop SD cards just to get all data on cloud storage.

News flash Google: Streaming 1080p or even 720p video on wobbly UMTS connection sucks. Especially considering both the cloud storage provides and ISPs throttles bandwidth.

Having a lamp table in your living room or bed room you can just set your phone on to charge, or having a spot in your car you do the same will be pretty freaking cool.

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There is a guy selling QI enabled lamps on Amazon. They are nicely made.

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I personally can't wait for Qi to be incorporated into cars and into public places (airports, stadiums/arenas, restaurants) and ditching that dirty wire (USB). I love the fact that my Nexus 5 has the Qi wireless coil built in and there's no need to deal with finicky 3rd party adapters that attach to your battery cover (Samsung).

Yes, I know Samsung sells a battery cover with the Qi coil on it (picture above) but the audacity they have to make that a separate purchase for the low price of $49.99+ is a slap in the face. Not to mention that super slick cover or Otterbox that you bought to protect your S4 will no longer fit and you're forced to go Au natural. Sorry about the Sammy rant. I'm just still reeling after a Xmas gift purchase for the lady's S4 and dealing with the headaches of "WHY WON'T THIS WORK NOW?!"

I have the S3 with the 3rd party receiver pad. it creates a slight bulge, but most hybrid cases will still fit (like the ballistic sg and the otterbox series) they still charge (the defender type thickness takes a little messing around with), and i've been using it w/ my ballistic sg for the past year.

That's what we ended up doing with her S4. We bought a 3rd party coil that directly snaps into the contacts on the back of the phone. We did some research and found that Spigen's Neo Hybrid case works well with the 3rd party adapters. She hasn't had too many problems but occasionally the phone will make the connect/disconnect tones a few times in a row before it actually charges. Not a big deal. Still absolutely ridiculous that Qi wasn't already built-in with the S3 and S4 or the Note line.

part of the reason why samsung didn't put their foot down w/ using qi was because they have their hands in both powermat and qi so it's more of a politics thing. If you check ebay, you might be able to find a reciever pad made especially for your wife's s4. and in terms of the transmitter, if you check sites like dailysteals or you can find to nokia charger for $25 or less. I have 2 and it works great.

Yeah, the article states that "It also has the backing of the four largest U.S. carriers", but I thought AT&T was backing PMA. Maybe they changed their minds? I know that they made Nokia drop Qi from a phone or two that were announced to have Qi built it. When it showed up on AT&T, magically, the Qi was gone with no option or accessory to add it. Seems kind of stupid.

I've been a big fan of wireless charging ever since the Palm Pre and happy that a standard is emerging. It's one of the main reasons I chose the Nexus 5 as my current device.

I have a hard time understanding why all manufacturers of high end smart phones don't include it. I guess keeping cost down and/or thinness of the device win but not having it is an automatic deal killer for me.

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-"I've been a big fan of wireless charging ever since the Palm Pre "-

Agreed. I chuckled a little at the comment in the article about MS and Samsung joining the cutting edge of wireless charging when Qi still hasn't caught up to the simplicity and elegance of the touchstones sitting in one of the desk drawers at home. I do miss that.


Until the day arrives when this technology is integrated into smartphones, I'm really not interested in this at all! Not interested in paying $90 just to charge my smartphone without having to use a micro-usb charger.

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It's hard to believe that the four largest U.S. carriers are on board with Qi wireless charging considering how few devices actually have the feature.