Perpetual leaker evleaks today puts forth a series of specs that he says are for Google's upcoming smartwatch manufacturered by LG. Nothing overly surprising — 1.65-inch IPS display at 280 by 280 pixels, 512MB of RAM, 4 gigabytes of internal storage. Should be interesting to see how that full-color display does with battery life.

But for our money, the bigger question is one of industrial design — how does the watch look and feel — and software. User interface at that small scale can be tricky, but Google's done pretty well this far with the Google Glass UI, so we'll see.

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Purported specs for Google's smartwatch leak


Finally, Google, finally...!

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Totally agree! I'm the sort of person who wears a watch all the time, and so far non of the smartwatch designs have made me even consider changing my beautiful, analogue Swiss watch. This concept however truly interests me, why can't we have a stylish, traditional-looking Smartwatch? I really hope this concept becomes a reality, urging more traditional watch makers to move into the smartwatch game.


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Don't you guys feel the touch surface area is too little, and font is too small? I think these are the two basic issues smart watch industry would have to find a way around.

One can trade away screen area for large icons and big fonts, but that just means less content on a 1.6 inch screen (typical smartwatch screen size).

That looks really smart and would make a nice watch in its own right. I fear that like all concepts the final product won't be anything like it.

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Wow that's freaking gorgeous! I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Hopefully one day soon something like this is released!

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Now *that* is a sexy smartwatch. I'm not sure we've got the tech to pack everything into a space that small yet, but I'm hopeful. This would probably sell like hotcakes.

Android and battery life... Lol. That will not be one of its selling points.

I would suggest to anyone in the market for a smart watch to start cheap and really try it out before deciding on an expensive model. I tried a pebble for awhile and determined a smart watch isn't for me. I'm glad it wasn't $300 though there is resale potential on anything I suppose.

Any mobile device and battery life, it's an area that really needs some money throwing at it.

Going by the spec, and most other Google products, I'd say chances are good this will be relatively cheap. which is good, I'm still not convinced a watch needs a 2GHz dual core CPU.

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Was it not for you because at the low price point it didn't offer all the functionality you wanted?

I think because so far a smart watch seems to be mostly for being able to instantly check notifications. I found I didn't care for that much after the novelty wore off. Anything else I wanted to do I just grabbed for my phone.

I knew going in that it was a watch first and smartphone extension second so I am in no way upset or whatever. I am glad I tried it out. The few additional features of the Samsung like the camera don't interest me.

My Omate TrueSmart Android watch has no problem lasting at least a day and average two days of fair use. I just wish that it had a always on display like Mirasol.

Looks like Pebble is still the only game in town for e-paper. Call me crazy, but having my watch always "on" with multi-day battery life is way more important to me than pretty colors.

Would be nice if pebble use a high dpi e ink. Very hard to look at anything blocky once you become use to 300+ dpi

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Same here. Love the clarity under direct sun light and battery is just amazing!
Always on and lasts for a whole week.
I use it as a trusted devices, phone, text and hangouts - no email notifications.
Can't wait to see if a big OEM decides to use e-ink display.
Adding processing power with some nice UI def sucks more juice too, so we'll see what they gonna come up with. I'm not that hopeful in it's battery life.

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VZW Moto X

I wish they'd have a processor similar to the moto x. That would give it the ability to be always listening. If all I had on my watch was Google now, that'd be perfect if it was always listening without draining the battery.

But will it tell the time? Ok, seriously, what they need to incorporate into the design is the ability for the watch to recharge via solar energy. Then, they would have a winner.

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My guess is that it will be another smartwatch that has to be charged daily.

So far, only Pebble has gotten the memo about decent battery life it seems..

I do not want my watch to supplement my phone I want it to do things that my phone does not do.

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When I read the tweet, I immediately decided that I'll get it. The fact of an LG/Google watch is awesome! I know it will be great!

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