Samsung Android smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich

We might not get the Samsung Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress, but that doesn't mean there might not be something new to play with Mobile rumormonger Eldar Murtazin today teased the Twitters with the image you see above and the following five words: "Barcelona. Samsung. Press Photo Leaked." We can't speak at all about the validity of the image, so we'll just talk about what we see. 

Android Central at Mobile World Congress So, yeah. That looks to be some sort of Ice Cream Sandwich with some sort of TouchWiz-esque mash-up. It's different than what we saw in that leaked video from the Galaxy S II in December. It wouldn't greatly surprise us to learn a new phone would have a new version of TouchWiz, nor would it surprise us to learn that the earlier leak was just that -- an early leak and is off the table.

The icons in the dock look like they've been refined a little bit, which you'd expect, right? They've got the ICS app drawer icon on the middle. Glad to see it.

Now the capacitive buttons at the bottom. ... They're done in the style of the on-screen ICS buttons, only they're obviously not on the screen here. The icons are different than what you find on Samsung phones today -- They're the ICS buttons.

Unlike the three-buttoned LG Spectrum, which has menu-home-back, this render goes back-home-multitasking.

And that's that. If you want to get really nit-picky, that calendar entry is for a date that doesn't exist. And that's the old icon for the Android Market, not what you'll see on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Could just be poor rendering, or it could be a sign. And note that this render looks like it borrows heavily from the T-Mobile UK Galaxy S II.

Anyhoo. Maybe it's legit. Maybe it's not. One way to find out: Let's go to Barcelona.

Source: @EldarMurtazin


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Purported leaked Samsung render shows mix of new, old and nonexistent


Do not like the idea of capacitive buttons on a dedicated ICS device. Did they just get lazy and decide to keep an older design instead of extending the screen like on the Galaxy Nexus?

If Manufacturers want to add UI enhancements like Sense and Touchwiz, that picture is what it should still look like. Visually it should still remain ICS, but with added features/benefits.

I agree, but I dont think we will get our wish as the Touchwiz leaks look identical to their GB releases and one can only tell that it is running ICS by the battery turning from green to cyan. I was really hoping for a toned down TouchWiz so I could consider the SGSIII, but I wont buy it with that OS thats for sure and that goes for the other OEMs as well. The only skin worse than TouchWiz is Blur and even Sense looks horrible after the great look of ICS on the Galaxy Nexus. There is no need for crazy skins anymore as Google, Matias Duarte, and the Android team have done a great job.

Exactly! They can customize the apps icons if they want and add functionality like video compatibility, social hub (optional) and other enhancements but leave the Stock ICS look visible.

No hard menu button, and no soft menu bar with the important action button, for non-ICS coded apps. Sounds to me like users would be screwed on this fake device, no?

The problem is that until all apps are updated to ICS they would be useless on a device that does not have virtual buttons or a physical menu button. So on a gingerbread app there would be not way to get to the menu on this phone.

Obviously there are options, i.e. maybe long pressing the task switcher button or something would bring up the menu, but that would not really be ideal. My guess is we wont see phones with this capacitive configuration until ICS is adopted by more developers, or maybe a phone like this would force developers to adopt ICS (chicken or the egg kinda thing)

Okay, that looks a LOT better than that other supposed render. I like the ICS capacitive buttons more than on-screen, actually.

This is the worst Photoshop job I've seen in a long time. They couldn't take the time to make sure the edges lined up? Lol

When did Samsung start making iPhones? I looked at the pic before reading any of the article and thought it was a white iPhone. LOL

The ICS buttons look much better than a crappy home button in a concave dimple, though.

The mis-aligned edge of the bezel (where it borders the screen), just to the right of the middle of the market app icon is pretty atrocious...think it's safe to say this isn't official, nor is it a render - probably best described as a collage...