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Update: After 15 minutes of misery, it seems we're now able to access Google services once again.

Google is in the midsts of a bit of an outage, with Talk, Drive, Calendar, Google+, the Play Store, Gmail and others unavailable for many users, including via mobile. We're sure Google's working on getting things back up and running. In the meantime, vent your frustrations down in the comments.

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PSA: Google services appear to be down [Update: we're back]


Yup they were down for 1 minute, but thankfully it seems as though it was just a minor blip. As it all seems to be working fine for me now.

I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte and thought it was my wifi connection. Of course it happens when I'm sitting next to the guy with his iPad out and my Nexus 7 kept getting a store error.

It was down for us for about 5 minutes. We use google apps here at work, and yes, 5 minutes downtime is a big deal for business emails.

Our email at work has been down more in a single day than Google services have been down in their entire history.