T-Mobile Vibrant Preorder

Just a reminder, folks, that you can pre-order the T-Mobile Vibrant -- its version of the Galaxy S -- starting today at Radio Shack. Fork over $199 (along with two years of your contract life), and your Vibrant will be shipped out on July 21. And if you order before July 18, you'll get a $50 gift card from Radio Shack. Not a bad deal, indeed. [Radio Shack]


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Preorder the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant by July 18, get $50 gift card


I am planning on getting this phone, but, Radio Shack? What would I want to buy at Radio Shack? I hate that place. Overpriced products and hard-sell employees.

Seriously, do not buy it from Radio Shack. They charge a 15% restocking fee if you return (Best Buy is 10%, and TMobile should be free).

And what are you going to even buy with a $50 RS gift card?

Actually there is NO restocking fee at RS for cell phones. But you do have 14 days to take a phone back which is T-mobile policy not RS.

You still have up to 30 days with RS to exchange phones as per normal though, even if you can't take back after the 14 (which you are correct is a T-mobile policy).

Being Contract free with T-mo, I'd just rather pay retail. T-mo spreads the payments out over a year interest free if you are in good standing with them. I'm never going back to cell contracts again.

Correction to this article:

You only have to pay the full $199 if pre-ordering online.

If you pre-order in store, you only have to put down $50. You can see this in the notes in the linked article. Quote for yah:

In-store Pre-orders:
Pre-order available 7/1-7/18/2010. While supplies last. Requires eligibility check and $50 deposit on nonrefundable Radio Shack gift card to be applied during actual purchase.