T-Mobile Vibrant Preorder

Just a reminder, folks, that you can pre-order the T-Mobile Vibrant -- its version of the Galaxy S -- starting today at Radio Shack. Fork over $199 (along with two years of your contract life), and your Vibrant will be shipped out on July 21. And if you order before July 18, you'll get a $50 gift card from Radio Shack. Not a bad deal, indeed. [Radio Shack]

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p1eric says:

Nice deal. Certainly beats the $20 credit towards non-existent Evo accessories.

TheRock6650 says:

500 dollars without upgrade, is that right? Or will T-Mobile be offering it for 450...?

I am planning on getting this phone, but, Radio Shack? What would I want to buy at Radio Shack? I hate that place. Overpriced products and hard-sell employees.

datimmerman says:

Seriously, do not buy it from Radio Shack. They charge a 15% restocking fee if you return (Best Buy is 10%, and TMobile should be free).

And what are you going to even buy with a $50 RS gift card?

bstunna06 says:

Actually there is NO restocking fee at RS for cell phones. But you do have 14 days to take a phone back which is T-mobile policy not RS.

canterrain says:

You still have up to 30 days with RS to exchange phones as per normal though, even if you can't take back after the 14 (which you are correct is a T-mobile policy).

Iria says:

They spelled recieve wrong, it's receive ... picking nits

jcrus says:

Being Contract free with T-mo, I'd just rather pay retail. T-mo spreads the payments out over a year interest free if you are in good standing with them. I'm never going back to cell contracts again.

canterrain says:

Correction to this article:

You only have to pay the full $199 if pre-ordering online.

If you pre-order in store, you only have to put down $50. You can see this in the notes in the linked article. Quote for yah:

In-store Pre-orders:
Pre-order available 7/1-7/18/2010. While supplies last. Requires eligibility check and $50 deposit on nonrefundable Radio Shack gift card to be applied during actual purchase.