Postagram, a popular iOS app, is now available in the Android Market. The app, developed by Sincerely Inc, prints and ships your photos as real postcards to anywhere in the world.

Some of the features include:

  • Photos are printed on thick, glossy postcards at 300dpi resolution
  • Delivery to anywhere in the world is 99 cents
  • U.S. delivery takes 2-5 business days
  • International delivery takes 'a bit longer'
  • Offers an optional 140 character message
  • Photos may be selected from the Gallery, the Facebook app or you can take one with the Postagram app itself
  • If your post card gets lost in the mail, Postagram will send another free or refund your money

There is a special offer for Postagram too: anybody who installs the app in the next 24 hours will get one Postagram credit. If you've been jealous of iOS users who have had Postagram for some time, you can go get the app now for free in the Android Market. Find links to the app after the break.

Source: Postagram


Reader comments

Postagram finally comes to Android, ships postcards anywhere for $0.99


Been waiting for an app like this for a while. This is an awesome way to share photos of my kids with my grandparents and other older relatives who don't have a computer without having to use Snapfish, or some other internet based photo site.

try Touchnote - it's been out for a year now. very nice app that send postcards all around the world and is available in Germany and Russia too.

I thought this was cool at first too.

But on reflection there is nobody in my address book that I would want to send a postcard to who doesn't already have email.

I like to get physical things in the mail, sometimes. A postcard to pin on a wall or something is nice. Now if they could capture my hand writing and put that on there.. that would be cool.

You're missing the point. Its for family, friends and people close to you who might enjoy getting a cool pic from you in the mail.

like i wrote to the person above - try app called TOUCHNOTE
it's very good and available all around the world also in Canada and UK.

Beautiful photos to send my cousin in Poland