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There's some changes afoot with the Google Play Store application, and we're pleased to say many of you are going to be pretty darn happy about it. A new update is beginning to push out -- version 3.9.16 if you're counting -- and brings with it a new headline feature. Now -- finally -- we're able to remove unwanted applications from the 'All' tab in My Apps. Hallelujah! 

When opening said tab in the latest version, we're presented with a symbol at the side of each application which with a simple tap allows us to remove it from the list altogether. Equally, a long press allows for multiple apps to be selected for deletion at one time. We just had a complete -- and swift -- clear out of our three year old list of downloaded applications. 

That's not all though. Also included is a slightly improved notification system for app updates, at least on Jelly Bean anyway. Taking advantage of the new expandable notifications, the update notification will now tell you which app, or apps -- up to the first few anyway. We're also seeing our position retained within a list, so when you pop in and out of app listings, you aren't returned to the top. 

If you're seeing the update yourselves, be sure to shout out in the comments below should you see something new that we didn't mention. And, if you click on past the break we've got a smattering of screenshots for you.

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Play Store update pushing out, brings expandable notifications and removable entries from all apps tab


looking forward to this. Looks like there are some interesting features that I will definitely use.

HOLY CRAP!!!!! FINALLY!!! I always hated that every time going app surching for a 15 min or so that i almost didnt want to click on a interesting app because it would take me too the top. hated that. THIS HAS LONG BEEN OVER DUE. glad its here

Yea, that was one of my biggest first world problems. Just tested it out to make sure it works and it's glorious.

It almost looks like Google is listening to users. some of the features were complains in the articles about Android.

Nice, but I would love to have a purchased tap please. I really shouldn't have to scroll thru a massive list of free apps or play "guess" to remember what I've purchased so I can redownload them. I don't understand why its so difficult? We had it before for gods sake. Why'd they take it away to begin with is beyond me.

I'd also like to be able to deactivate and remove devices from my device list rather then just hiding them. My list is rather freaking long now....

This is frustrating: every time you delete an app, returns to the top of the list! Hopefully next build include "remember position".

I just got the update, IT ACTUALLY REMEMBERS THE POSITION WHEN YOU UNISTALL AN APP!!! And when your browsing through the store too!

Welcome changes for sure, but while they're at it... how about fixing the Google Play web interface, so I can see more than 20 "pages" of my downloaded/purchased apps? That only gets me to the F's. Come on Google, this is pretty basic stuff. Hire me, I'll fix it in a day.

Thank you for sharing the link!

EDIT: I have noticed that if you select too many apps to remove, the Play Store Force Closes.....

Maybe El Goog will issue an update or maybe I need to not try to remove 30 apps at a time...

Unlocked T-Mobile HTC One S, Stock Android 4.0.4

Try clearing your play store app data. It might be a conflict with the old install. I don't know if I selected 30 at a time but I did select quite a few and it didn't force close at all.

After reading all LG Nexus whining, this is awesome news and way over due. I was sick of all those unwanted apps and having to stroll down that list every time.

I can't believe they still haven't added the feature to sort the list. Right now it's PITA to looks for an app from the [long] list.

Cool. Two LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited features in two days. Day 1 - High res contact pictures in GMail (and thus in GNex on sync) and now this. Looks like google finally catching up to consumer demands. :)

I somehow added while in y old apps section, a gmail icon in the right corner. Theres a feed there or whatever to choose a program to send out a messsage to friends how great or bad the app your looking at is. Anybody know how to remove this cause the guys at the store support know nothing about that store at all let alone my problem. Not sure whaat it is they do really lol

Purchased apps should also be at the top most of all your previously installed apps otherwise you forget some after some time...

highlighting multiple entries is great. but you can inadvertently delete a purchased app by mistake.

in a situation where the apps you want to delete are stacked together with a purchased app you want to keep, you highlight those that you wanted to delete. but instead if tapping the delete button at the top, you tap on the delete at the right of a specific app. play will ask you to confirm if you want to delete and you go ahead. that specific app is deleted.

but take note of the highlighted apps again. if you earlier highlighted 10, after the deletion, you still have 10 highlighted apps. this now may include a paid app you may want to keep.

if without checking you hit the delete at the top. play confirms that you want to delete multiple apps and you go ahead.

i have not tried doing the previous paragraph though and i don't know if play will give a warning that a paid app is going to be deleted. but if not, then we will have to be very careful.

anyone noticed what i noticed?

Its about time we get to remove all those old apps. I just wish that once an app was removed, it would remember the spot you were in. I swear it took me a few hours to remove all that stuff!!

Oh jesus /headdesk I wish I had read the WHOLE article, I didnt know about multiple selections!!!

@Richard, how did it handle removal of paid apps? I would hate to accidentaly delete a paid app, and have to pay for it again.