Photobucket for Android

For you folks who are big into Photobucket, there's now a free Android app for you. With it you can search PB's library, get easy access to image URLs from your phone, and you can upload multiple files in the background. The app's now available in the Android Market. [Photobucket via]


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Photobucket app now available in Market


Fine and dandy, but where is our Android PICASA app? Not just an uploader but one that sync's Picasa's Photo Contacts to our Google Phone Contacts? Picasa is supposed to be Google's own photo solution right?

I'm looking for the same feature, just spent all day uploading and labeling pics to picasa, thinking my Droid would now have the pictures sync'd. To no avail. They ain't the same app.

I have the Photobucket app but it won't let me share my photos on Facebook ,Twitter it keeps telling me that your link could not be shared. Does anyone know Why????