Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear for Android just got a hefty update, making one of my favorite apps even better. Perfectly Clear is an intelligent photo editor, that can take a good picture and make it great. It adjusts all the color and exposure settings based on some sort of magic algorithm, and truly does make a big difference in the clarity, color, and quality of the pictures you take with your phone. With today's update, it now does it all better.

One of the major changes is a healthy speed increase, as the app has been re-written and now is twice as fast at displaying changes to your photo. Move a slider and you see the results almost instantly, especially with quad-core processors. Another is saving Exif and GPS data, especially if you use software on the computer or your Android that sorts using Exif and GPS.

But those aren't the only changes, have a look.

  • Faster! It’s now twice as fast opening and correcting images. Fine-tuning with the slider bars is near-real-time when using the latest quad core devices, such as those powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 and 4imobile processors.
  • New, powerful memory mapped buffer. You can now save huge images (up to 40 MP).
  • A new look! We have re-designed the entire GUI.
  • Zoom. Now you can zoom into your photo to view the details as you correct.
  • One simple price. The beautify preset, is included in the app price so you only have to purchase once.
  • Bug Fix: licensing. Now you can use Perfectly Clear “offline”.
  • Now you can copy the app to your SD card.
  • Exif support. The app now retains your Exif and GPS data.
  • Quick Correct. Tap your hardware menu button and selected images will be automatically corrected and saved without going to our edit screen.

Some really nice changes to a great app. Grab it from Google Play for $2.99 if you haven't yet, or hit the Google Play app on your device to update if you have.


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Perfectly Clear app updated and now better, stronger, faster


Dear androidcentral,
Please stop rubbing it in our faces with all your recent articles. We get it, you have a fancy HTC One and we do not. Thanks! :)

it's different, IMO, Snapspeed is better if you like to fine tune every little part of a photo. PerfectlyClear is better if you just want the app to do most of the work (which is does). I tend to use PerfectlyClear first for overall photo correction and then import that photo in to Snapspeed or Pixlr Express when i'm done to do some fine tuning.

Although my HTC EVO LTE takes fantastic pictures occasionally I use PerfectlyClear to make an instantaneous automatic enhancement.

Read the original review - the first link at the beginning of this article. The PerfectlyClear programmers have created the very best and easiest to use photo correction / enhancement app available.

Now with this update, any lingering concerns or objections should have been removed.