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Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel is back in stock

If you were looking to pick up a Pebble, now is the time to do so, as both the first-generation and the Pebble Steel smartwatches are back in stock. Pebble announced that new orders will be shipping out the next business day, and that both leather as well as metal bands will be available for the...
Pebble spare cable

Spare Pebble Steel cables now available

Here's a quick heads up for those who may be in the market for a spare Pebble or Pebble Steel cable: You can now buy both directly from Pebble itself. (Spare cables for the original Pebble previously were the only ones available.) One cable runs $15, or you can get two for $30. The price...
Pebble firmware update

Pebble firmware updated with some good fixes for bad problems

Pebble 2.0 has been a bit of a work in progress, and today that work continued with updates to its Android and iOS apps — as well as a full firmware update for the smartwatch itself. (And, yes, those of us on Android can now control Pandora via our Pebbles. So there's that, too.) Mostly bugfixes...
Pandora on Pebble

Pandora control for Pebble comes to Android

Just a few weeks back, Pebble users with iOS devices landed support for Pandora control, and today Android users join the fun as well. Pebble has announced today that Android users can now view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks. We heard about Pandora...
Pebble app

Pebble app hits v2.0.15 promising improved stability, connection reliability

The Pebble app on Android has had a relatively rocky start since the revamped version 2.0 was announced, but the latest update to version 2.0.15 of the app is promising to fix many common issues. Folks who have experienced intermittent Bluetooth connections, crashes, troubles pairing and issues...

Original Pebble smartwatch now available at Target for $149

A quick heads up, folks, that you can now buy the original Pebble smartwatch at Target for $149. This is the classic plastic model, and it's available in red, black or white. (In fact, white's a Target exclusive for now.) [Target]

Pebble has sold over 400,000 watches in a year, and it isn't slowing down now

Company is focused on creating a better product, not playing catch-up with Google Pebble has really set the scene as the leading smartwatch offering throughout 2013, and now sales numbers help reaffirm that. Since January 2013, Pebble has sold over 400,000 devices, and that barely takes into...
Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel gets a price cut if you don't want the metal band

Down to $229 in black and stainless options with leather strap only A quick heads up for potential Pebble Steel buyers that it has received a bit of a price cut. Or at least it has if you can live without the metal band. With just the leather band in the box you can now grab a Pebble Steel in...
Pebble updated to 2.0.2

Pebble firmware updated to fix firmware problem

A quick heads up for you folks glancing at your Pebble smartwatch today with a bit of unease (it's OK to admit it) — there's a firmware update waiting for you. Pebble said the small point increase (we're up to 2.0.2 from 2.0.1) fixes an issue some folks had installing the firmware. So it's a...

Pebble App Challenge looks to reward the best SDK 2.0 apps with $9000 in prizes

16 Pebble Steels and a $5000 grand prize are up for grabs in the next few weeks Pebble has finally released its new Android app and accompanying 2.0 firmware for the Pebble watch, which brings a new design and features but most notably an all-encompasing appstore for the device. To help...
Pebble 2.0 for Android

Pebble 2.0 gets a much-needed stability update

A quick heads up, folks, that the official Pebble app got an update Saturday evening to address a couple of major bugs. Here's the changelog: Stability improvements throughout the app Fix issue in which users were stuck at "Starting installation..." during setup We wouldn't go so far to say...
Pebble 2.0 for Android

Pebble 2.0 finally available for Android

New app is still a bit rough around the edges but includes the all-important Pebble appstore Pebble today has finally updated its Android application to version 2.0. Most important, perhaps, is that the updated app and firmware — which is v2.0.1., actually — means apps built with the Pebble SDK...
Pebble 2.0

Pebble 2.0 beta app for Android updated to version 11, the 'most annoying bugs' have been fixed

Stability said to be improved 'considerably' The folks at Pebble have pushed out an update for the Android beta app, and it looks like a lot of the kinks have been addressed. Usually, we see a list of changes followed by an equally long list of issues, but this time around there is only one...
Pebble 2.0.1

Pebble 2.0 for Android gets a new beta as work continues

Work on the Pebble 2.0 app for Android continues, with Beta 10 dropping for developers this afternoon. Here's what's good: Improvements to speed in MyPebble Improvements to connection stability (this fixes the appmessage getting stuck bug) Improvements to power use Installing apps via...

Pebble tells us why we still don't have the new 2.0 app and appstore

Android's Pebble 2.0 app lagging behind is a matter of resources There has been a good bit of outcry about Pebble releasing their new version — and their appstore — on iOS before Android, and even more that we still haven't seen the official version of the app in Google Play. Lead software...
Pebble Steel unboxing.

Pebble Steel retail unboxing and hands-on

Behold, the Pebble Steel, retail version. We're still not big on unboxings around here. But, damn it, when a company puts a little effort into it, we'll suck it up. Pebble Steel comes in a box about twice the size of the original Pebble. And there's a good reason for that — Pebble Steel is...

Beta version of Pebble app with new appstore now available to developers

Bugs are still present, but development is moving towards a general release We already know that a general release of the new Pebble app for Android that includes the new appstore is on its way, but it's available to try out now provided you have a developer account. Pebble has just posted the...
Pebble appstore

Pebble appstore launches for iOS, promises to hit Android 'very, very soon'

This is where you'll get all your Pebble apps, watchfaces and other downloads. But for now, we wait. More: Pebble Blog; Smartwatch Fans
Pebble Steel

Smartwatch Fans reviews Pebble Steel!

We're halfway into a new era for the Pebble smartwatch. Pebble Steel starts shipping today, bringing an updated (and more sophisticated) version of the smartwatch to our wrists. It's available in either matte black or stainless steel, with links or a leather strap — and it's damned nice. While we'...
Pebble Steel

Enter to win a Pebble Steel

Enticed by the new Pebble Steel? Us too. The all-new design is a step up from the previous generation, giving the Pebble a more refined and high-end look. Available in Black Matte and Brushed Stainless, the Pebble Steel features Gorilla Glass, and anti-fingerprint coating and comes with both a...