Pebble updates its watch firmware

Pebble has rolled out an updated firmware for its smartwatch today that brings some performance improvements, bug fixes, and better notification management. The Pebble watch firmware is now at version 2.3 after the update is applied.

With the new firmware, Pebble says that the watch will have improved Bluetooth LE connectivity, stability improvements, and the ability to skip through notifications by double clicking the up or down buttons on the watch.

To update the watch's firmware, you can go to Support and then select Update in the Pebble app for either iOS or Android.

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Pebble updates watch firmware with better notification handling


A question for those in the know, which isn't me...
Can Pebble survive with it's current ecosystem, or will they be swamped by Google and maybe Apple?
Would it be smarter for Pebble to bend with the times and put out a Google Wear watch?
Or do they have a uniqueness that is attractive?

Not sure, but Pebble does have a couple things in it's favor for the moment. It's a here-and-now relatively mature product, it seems like it's battery life is better than the up-and-coming generation of products, and it's cross-platform. For iOS support it's really one of the few games in town. It's very possible that Android Wear + the iWatch will wipe the floor with it. but it's all going to depend on consumer reception.

So far Pebble still has some strong points that many of us find to be very important. Battery life on the current crop of Android Wear devices is atrocious. ONE DAY? Smart watches have to contend with the way people have traditionally occupied that space on their body... with a watch that doesn't need charging (aside from GPS sport watches and the like). If someone is looking for basic wrist worn notifications they could very well be happy with Pebble.
That said, I can imagine that the natural progression is something like, "Great, I got this notification. So, now what? Let me just pull out my phone..."

Battery life (like a week), price and the fact it does notifications I think will keep it around. Those three things are pretty much some of the main points in a smart watch.

I agree with you as far as battery life, but they need to lower the price. A Pebble steel is currently more expensive than both Android Wear watches that are currently for sale, Pebble needs to drop their price below $200 in order to compete, maybe even lower.

The old version needs to go away, drop pebble steel to the $149 price. Then come out with new model. Larger screen (less bezel) color E-ink and mic. I dont like the idea of a touch sensitive panel on my wrist, which is why i will stick pebble.

Until something else can last me a weekend trip without bringing an extra charger, my Pebble will remain my watch of choice. I literally only have to charge it once a week, making batter life basically a non-issue for me.

I don't think Pebble can survive anymore, sadly. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's grown tired of the same low-res black and white display and extremely limited storage. Pebble is like the Apple of smart watches. They made the device in general popular, but couldn't keep up with innovations. I'll be looking into a G Watch or Moto 360 this summer to replace my original Pebble.

I may get a Moto 360 but will keep my pebble as a beater watch. It works great and the battery life is great compared to other offerings.

The biggest feature Pebble has is battery life. If the other Android Wear devices did the same I would totally jump ship. Till then I'll stick to Pebble
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Don't expect any Android Wear device to ever achieve the same battery life as a Pebble. Android Wear has many more features, but at the cost of battery life. Pebble has fewer features, but better battery. It depends on what is more important to you.

All the bells and whistles of Android Wear doesn't appeal to me right now. I have all that and way more on my phone. What I want out of a smart watch is mostly what the Pebble delivers. And it does it very well. I'm sticking with my Pebble OG for now.
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I loved my Pebble, until I bought a Galaxy Gear. I don't think they will survive the coming onslaught of Android Wear devices. Pebble needs to drop the price if they want to compete.

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The Android Wear devices look great; they really do. But, I love my Pebble; it does some weird stuff with the screen occasionally, but I couldn't be happier with it. Maybe I'll get a new Android Wear soon enough, but I'm good for now.

Personally I'm still struggling to find a reason to own a watch at all. The idea seems cool, yet unnecessary. I stopped wearing a watch in the 90's when I got my first cell phone. Even with all of these new fancy smart watches I still don't see the point. The phone is in my pocket. If I need something I take it out and look at it. The watch is redundant.

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I love my pebble, but it will not be able to compete in this niche market. I am sure they will struggle to obtain new sales. Pioneers, but android wear will be the end of them.

Funny how none of these comments are about the update, which I can't download and says I'm up to date....

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Actually the Pebble itself is version 2.3, the app is version 2.0.16. All up to date!

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I love my pebble steel and will continue to for a long while. I don't need to talk to my wrist or play games in color. Android wear looks awesome but I have a phone for all of that extra power. I work at best buy, so between my discount and bonus money from the job I paid a little over 110 for a pebble steel. It does what I need. Shows me messages, fantastic battery life, water proof, and it is multiplatform capable. Other watches will most certainly be able to do more which for most will be a great thing. Pebble steel looks more like a watch than a gadget which is also why I love it. But they will probably become the next blackberry sadly.

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