Pebble Smart Watch

While many Kickstarter backers are still be waiting to receive the Pebble Smart Watch they bought and paid for, the device itself is headed to Best Buy

We heard rumors last night that the Pebble Smart Watch would be headed to Best Buy, and today we know the whole story. The Bluetooth powered smart watch will indeed be sold at Best Buy, and be available in stores July 7. The black version (already on the Best Buy website) will be for sale at first, with cherry red coming later in August.

The wearable, which will cost $150, connects with your Android or iOS device through Bluetooth and offers an interface to things like text messages and incoming calls. There are also available programming interfaces so things can be extended, and we expect more than a few applications for the smart watch will become available once it reaches more hands. Being available over the counter at a big box store will help make that happen.

We've reached out to the folks behind the Pebble, asking how this news will affect the people still waiting for the product they bought through Kickstarter. While not being able to fill demand is a problem many companies would like to have, you never want to leave a bad impression on your early adopters. 

I'll head over to my local Best Buy this Sunday and pick one of these up and see what the fuss is all about. What about you? Is the Pebble an accessory you're interested in using? Be sure to tell us the answer, and why you feel that way in the comments.

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Pebble Smart Watch appears on Best Buy website


I don't know the whole story, but if they really haven't made good on what they promised the people who provided funding through Kickstarter, it doesn't sound like a company I want to do business with.

As far as I know, all of the kick starter backers who ordered black watches have received their orders. I believe that pebble is only having issues producing the other colors at sufficient quality. These Best Buy watches are only black ones. Kick starter backers who ordered non-black watches were offered a chance to switch to black if they wanted to weeks (months?) ago.

I placed a pre-order on the pebble site, but I'll just cancel and take my chances at Best Buy on-line. (I'm not going into one of those stores)

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You don't have to cancel anything. Just ignore the email when they send you your notification. The "preorder" system they used is a placeholder.

I've had my pebble watch for just under 3 months and it hasn't worked for most of that time. I reported it on May 10th and am still waiting to send it in for RMA. On top of that they told me the shipping label would be sent in 1-2 days a couple weeks ago. I asked about it a week ago and they said they're updating their RMA process and it will be delayed. So here I sit coming up on 2 months with nothing to show for it but their word that it'll eventually.. some day.. be replaced.

I'm sure things will improve, but their support is lack luster at this time.

I normally tend to not reply to a whole lot of stuff but I have to COMPLETELY agree with this comment. Their customer service department is absolutely abysmal. The watch is kind of cool when it works, but I had a serious battery issue and it took me almost 3 months to finally get them to acknowledge it and issue an RMA. The whole process has been very painful and only after writing a letter using language I wouldn't even let my mother see did they actually give me a proper response. With as much support and watches as they are selling you would think they could hire some level of customer service department. Currently I finally shipped my watch back and am waiting for them to send out a new one.

For people with working watches it is a really cool device. The problem is if for some reason you have to deal with the warranty you are in for a huge headache. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but it would be worth getting this device with the Best Buy warranty if you can JUST so you would never have to deal with the pebble customer service.

FWIW: I was one of the first people to back and got a watch at a very early stage of the process. I'm hoping the newer watches work a bit better now that they have cleaned up the manufacturing process.

That's good information, and caveat emptor. About your comment on having the Best Buy warranty to fall back on, last I heard Best Buy does not take items in for extended warranty if they still have a valid manufacturer's warranty. So if Pebble has a 1 year warranty, you have to deal with them in the first year regardless.

I bought the Sony LiveView on Amazon for ~$20. I'm anxiously awaiting the September launch of the new Sony SmartWatch so I can get the original one at a steal. ~$100 is still more than I'd like the spend.

I was one of the earliest backers and recieved mine months ago, with other companies already announcing better looking devices with better hardware I didn't even open it and sold it on ebay for a handsome 50% profit lol.

I've had mine for a few months. No problems and works as I'd expect it to. I also amazingly get a week of battery life out of it (I put it in airplane mode when I'm not going to wear it.)
I'm actually hoping to learn how to make apps for it one day. And how to make Android apps in general.

What's the deal with these Kickstarter companies going to market before even giving products to the people that helped raise funds? Ouya and now this. All these companies see is dollar signs and not their very own shareholders, so to speak. I'm sure there's more to these stories, but it doesn't look very good for your reputation if someone hands you $99-$150 bucks and you give someone else the product.

I was definitely planning to buy one when they became available. But now I think I'm gonna wait for the Google watch.

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I planned on buying one also, until Sony announced their watch and then the rumors of a Google made watch made me rethink it.

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I had their original inPulse smartwatch used with my BlackBerry and absolutely loved it! It was sorta sh!tty see them come out with the Pebble in new colors for Android & iOS since there wasn't any color or style options for the inPulse, but still loved it.

I don't use now since the USB connector broke inside the watch, which has me waiting for the AGENT SmartWatch with Qi charging, but glad to see them hit the big box stores. Their support was great as I would get a random failure they were quick to respond and provide guidance.

Technically nothing on kickstarter is bought and paid for, you are merely backing a project.

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Kickstarter terms require the creators to fulfill pledges, or refund them. You're not technically buying something, but they are promising you something in return for your money. It's functionally the same. They have to uphold their end of it.

In my case, I don't think they failed to meet their promise. However, I do think they failed to provide adequate (quantity and quality)support for the number of backers and soon to be customers.

I pre-ordered a Black Pebble back on January 10th. I have only recieved two updates that it will be "coming soon" I thought pre-orders would be out before retail, but I guess I will be heading to Best Buy on Sunday.

I pre-orderd in march and no sign of it jet. going on a vacation to the US in a few weeks so maybe i get one there.

just reading the comments about it not working all the time, and terrible customer service i can say with 100% certainty this is not a company i would like to deal with. and their tech just really doesn't do THAT much. I will see what others will be bringing to the table. Mostly interested in what google has up their sleeve

Was right in the middle of ordering one on when boom it was removed from cart and is now out of stock. I was putting my payment info in.

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I chose not to back this on kicksarter because I have never seen a smart watch that actually worked. I do however think that this one could be really good if their is enough interest and sales to get devs to create apps. The e-ink display is a brilliant idea and I would think it makes it smaller than Sony's watch. Until I know whether Google will be releasing a watch of their own and whether it will be any good, I, personally, am holding off on any smartwatch purchase. I do want to see a smart watch that can actually do all those great things we were promised by Dick Tracy :)

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I have preordered it months back n was so eager to get mine, after reading comments here ive changed my mind. Id prefer to wait for google watch.

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